What are you are looking for or wanting……..

Do you read your timeline?

Really read it?

What do you see? Lot’s of information? Some great pieces of advice? All giving you a real rush of “WOW – I must do this” or making you want to action of what they say?

Now all I ask you to do, is go back and take a real look at the time line or emails of the information you have received – what is the history of the person that sent this to you?

How many times has this information been sent to your timeline previously or the been slightly varied?

Look at the blog or web page shared with you, when was the publish date? Does it say that it has been updated? Is it been portrayed as the latest information?

So, now you have done this – how many are repetitive? How often has the same post been reposted or shared? If the post is a call to action now, when was it published?

I am not dismissing these respected or well know people who in the Top 50, 30, 20 or 10 but are they actually giving you anything new? Are they engaging or collaborating with their audience? If they are constantly posting but not engaging with their audience or re-cycling the same information over and over again, are they really educating with you? Can you really learn from these people?

If you are wanting to learn and move both your business and yourself forward, then you need constant up to date information and fresh ideas – can old re-cycled information help you?

Well if want to move forward then certain things can be shared but the delivery method needs to be fresh. Whilst using excerpts from books or reports, Infographic’s or sharing books and pdf’s, the delivery method needs to be fresh and not dated from a year or two ago? If it is, can you really trust the article or the writer? Can they really educate and advise you?

I hope this article will give you time to reflect on your educators and what they are really delivering to you……


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