Hootsuite – is it just a platform?

With the rise and growth of all the various Social Business platforms, the issue that confronts you, is which is right, when to post and do you have the time?

Well it seems that we are now seeing the rise and appearance of many platforms that can help you with your Twitter, allow you combine the management of all your platforms via a single one or actually help you via teamwork to manage and action all your platforms.

After using various ones, I have found and settled with Hootsuite as it for me, shows true Social Collaboration and Social Engagement.


Well here are some simple points for you to consider….

Social Collaboration:-

With Hootsuite, they have taken this to the next level by creating an engaging community. I, like over 1,000 others around the world, have been appointed HootAmbassadors. Besides the Hootsuite team of staff, you also have #HootAMB’s to support and assist you. So, you get to gain help and assistance not just from staff but real users and trainers of Hootsuite too!

Social Engagement:-

As I said above, Hootsuite have also created a Hootsuite Community where Hootsuite want to really show and demonstrate how by using Social Business, you can create a true community to help each other, host events and also help, do things and fund raise for the local community and good causes too as well.


HootAmbassador’s are now totally over 1,000 worldwide and are here for you and not Hootsuite. They are aren’t Hootsuite staff telling you what to do or should be doing but are real users who not only use Hootsuite on a day-to-day basis but, test and evaluate new parts of Hootsuite to make sure they are right for you to use, as well as been here to help to train and teach you about how to use Hootsuite. Yes, Hootsuite staff could do this, but they work for Hootsuite, whereas HootAmbassador’s either work for themselves or companies which live and breathe Social Business to understand what you do and how various platforms or add-on’s can help both you and your business.


HootUP’s are hosted by HootAmbassador’s to bring together people who aren’t Social, new users to Social, users of Social Business and others who wish to learn more about Hootsuite. These events hosted by HootAmbassador’s in-conjunction with other companies to provide a light-hearted night where you can network with others as well as learning more about Hootsuite. Oh…..and did I mention, if you come along you will get a goodie bag with some items of HootSWAG too!


One thing Hootsuite have done, is that they decided to a) bring some humour into Social Business and b) allow you to get some great Hootsuite goodies too. If you attend a HootUP, you will receive some HootSWAG goodies that range from stickers to some great valuable items (I will leave you to attend a HootUP to discover what these are) which will really be a great surprise and thank you from Hootsuite. HootAmbassador’s also, within their own community, are given by Hootsuite a range of challenges to undertake, where we are awarded points to buy – via these points – more items than you see in the HootSWAG shop to give to clients – these can range from pens, stickers, bookmarks, laptop camera protectors etc – or even t-shirts and mugs too, well maybe even an #Owly too ……


As I said above, Hootsuite want to keep you informed as to what experts, influencers or business leaders do and feel about a range of various topics. That is why Hootsuitehosted by the Hootsuite Community team – provide a weekly Thursday #HootCHAT where the Hootsuite Community #HootCHAT host asks the week’s guest, a variety of questions – normally around 7-8 questions – over an hour. Which you can join in and share your answers too and engage with other members of the #HootCHAT to exchange your thoughts and ideas too.


Hootsuite regularly host a range of live Webinars to take you through various aspects of not only how to use Hootsuite but also, they have industry people talk about how they use Hootsuite within their industry. They also have a range of on-demand Webinars where you learn other items plus re-cap on ones you may have missed too.


So, as you can see just from these seven things I have highlighted, Hootsuite is more than just a platform – it is a real community where you can really feel part of a family and not just a customer where a company just takes your money and provides you with a service or product and never speaks or engages with you again!

Thus, if you really want to learn how Social Business can really help you and your business really engage with not just your customers but your POTENTIAL customers too…..then it is time for you to join…..

“The Hootsuite family” to discover how Hootsuite are truly using Social Business to create and embrace Social Collaboration and Social Engagement.


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  1. James Lane says:

    Absolutely! So much more than a platform! There’s an awesome amount of support from both the Hootsuite team and the community of ambassadors!

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