With the changes come changes but are you changing?

One of the things that has come past my desk this week has been some startling issues that people have mentioned to myself in regard to the poor customer service they have received.

When I went through this with them, is was astonishing that they just couldn’t get a reply or answer from anyone – why was this happening?

They mentioned that if they went into a shop or their local bank, they could actually sit and talk the issues through with someone to get an answer or resolution.

Yet, why is this not happening when we try to talk on-line to someone?

Afterall, this is becoming the most used method of raising an issue, question or compliant (and in some cases offering praise too) these days but the majority of companies are just not simply grasping and understanding the full in’s and out’s of what this encompasses!!

The level of Customer Service and Support companies say they are investing is actually worrying compared to the results that are being delivered. With more and more companies being on-line, they aren’t actually making sure they are properly on-line both internally and externally!

After hearing this, I sat back thought about three organisations – a local Charity, a UK National Company and a Global Company – I have been dealing with lately. I then took the examples above I had been told about and compared them to these three organisations and sure enough, the same was happening to myself!

Companies are outsourcing their “Social” to 3rd parties or being trained by external people who aren’t focusing on how both Internal and External Social Branding is being delivered. If this isn’t handled correctly first and foremost, how can you actually start to make sure your company is being seen how your audience are seeing it and using the information they find in front of them?

Either way, if the above isn’t been handled or brought to your attention, how can you have 3rd Party/Outsourced Companies handling your Social and Marketing?

Especially when they aren’t able to access the information your company has, when it comes to dealing with your customers issues or prospective customers questions either?

So, why outsource this when you already the solution at hand with an abundance of staff to handle this already?

The reason being is that there are too many people/companies – that they are saying to these companies like your’s – that they can handle your Marketing and Social for you and be able to boost your position in your business sector.


People today, do not want things rammed at them or have constant mailshots through their doors, emails, cold-calls and posts landing on their timelines from these companies on your behalf – they want to be treated the same way they would be treated if they met you in the street.

These 3rd Party’s/Out-Sourced Organisations don’t yet understand The Social Family and how it works – let alone advise you and your company how to implement it!

So, the time has come for you to step back and actually look at your company as a whole and actually see how you can provide that level of Social Collaboration and Social Engagement that your clients (and prospective clients) actually want each and every day.

Embracing your staff and working with them, can actually be your biggest and cheapest marketing and sales asset you could ever have.

Yet why aren’t you investing in them?

The ability of workforce to be your Social and Brand Ambassadors is such a huge powerful free tool which gives you the opportunity to be so much bigger than outsourcing your Social ever will be.

By actually implementing the right Social Tools and working with your staff to make sure they are your Social and Brand Ambassadors is something that is going to reap huge rewards for you in the long-term across so so many levels.

Utilising the power of Social Sharing, you can allow your company to be seen by a much wider audience and in turn this audience will actually see you being a company that values Social Inclusion.

The ability of combing these parts of The Social FamilySocial Collaboration, Social Engagement and Social Inclusion – mean’s that you can create an environment where every member of staff becomes part your family…

Yes, that’s right – YOUR FAMILY!!

By actually working together to take everything that is thrown at your company, plus the ability to deliver answers and solutions that will move swiftly to a conclusion within a time frame that makes both your Prospective Clients/Customers and Clients/Customers happy – will ensure that they will also become your Brand Ambassadors.

As they will (in the majority of cases) be more than happy to share the positive news of what has happened to them when dealing with your company.

You seem doubtful?

Well, just think about it, you do nothing or fail to reply in a decent timeframe, they will shout and scream about you across their Social Platforms creating a negative issue about this…..

so, if you do things right…..

Why won’t they do the opposite and sing your praises?

The solution to moving this forward, is quite simple, let’s sit down and go through how we can improve the Social Engagement not just with your Customers and Prospective Customers, but with your own internal Brand Advocates too!

Let us spend some time putting some ideas together on how we can get both you and your company moving forward and start building both your internal and external Community’s that makes everyone feel special and inclusive…

Whilst you are checking you diary to find some dates for us to get together, I’ve arranged a special offer providing a free trial period for using the Hootsuite facilities on how you and your staff can start developing and taking the first steps to creating a Social Community.

With these via these two links, you’ll be able to start looking and thinking how we can use Social to take you to that next level:-

By taking this first step in moving beyond just being on-line, to one of building a community with your staff and your audience, it will allow you to understand all your Social activities and start Engaging and Collaborating…..so we can together, both you and I can develop a programme moving forward to help you create The Social Family your company can offer.

To discover more on how the right strategy can help you and your company lay the foundations for bringing the family of “Social” in to your company, feel free to contact myself by filling in the form below to help take you forward into the world of the“Social Family”….

Ian Calvert provides a range of Services whilst being a Brand Ambassador, Brand Advocate, Brand Evangelist and Social Business partner for many companies not just in the UK but Globally too. Thus, by keeping ahead of the game, Ian Calvert can help leverage and build the foundations for bringing both you and your company into 2018/2020 today. To discover more, feel free to contact via his website here.

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