Do you just Post, Post, Post or are you using the Social Engagement element of The Social Family?

Engagement is KEY!

There is more to Social than just post, post, post….

Have you actually looked at your profile or other people’s profiles on say Twitter?

Yes, you can look at say Facebook, G+, LinkedIn etc but Twitter is the one that gives the best example…..

When you go through someone’s timeline (even the experts are good to look at), you’ll see the lack of Engagement is actually quite high! Even though they may have 10,000’s or 100,000’s of followers — the numbers of retweets are quite low!! They may have more “Favourites” than re-tweets, but what does this really do? Is there any point of Favourites?

(Note – whilst people still call it Favourites – Twitter has now updated and changed Favourites to Likes)

With the advent of new things appearing from Facebook, the way you can promote and educate your business through LinkedIn with their Company Pages & Showcase Pages and other platforms too are YOU really set up for real ENGAGEMENT?

Are you actually bothering to engage?

The need of engaging is now a crucial part of how your audience perceives you and then interacts with you. Thus, with the emergence of Social Collaboration and Social Engagement, the one question is, will you, your company, your colleagues and your audience be the key?

This interaction is what makes or breaks your future….

So moving forward, you need to make sure that you are Collaborating and Engaging as these are your two key components that make up your Social Selling roadmap!

Social Selling is the main foundation that will make or break you. With more and more people communicating and sharing their thoughts and experiences via all the various Social Business platforms that are available — the key requirement is that you, your colleagues and company all have a complete sharing facility to enable faster and more collaborative engagement with your audience.

This is why now, you need to step back and start being a team to allow this engagement and collaboration with your audience.

How? By allowing anything that is seen or identified by your colleagues, to be then answered and transferred to the correct people to answer.

As after all, as the saying goes…

“bad comments are bigger advertising and more negative than any positive comments”

If are wondering how to really engage and collaborate, then utilising a solid foundation to undertake this across all your Social Business platforms is key!

Also, make sure that everything is collected and see that the correct action taken. So, once you acknowledge this, then now it is the time to move forward…..

Can this be done?

Will this help you in the long-term?

Yes, I believe it can and now with the planned introduction of new features from Facebook, plus the new opportunities that are now arising via Meerkat or Periscope and as well as Snapchat too…planning and implementation is needed NOW!!

So, instead of just obtaining news stories, related stories and sharing offers/promotions which create little or any true engagement — isn’t it time that you started to actually listen to keywords related to your company or profession that your potential are talking about and thus can lead to proper KEY engagement?

Personally, I do think that you really need to make sure that you have a platform like Hootsuite as your main key component of your Social Business management to enable KEY engagement to move you forward — are you using this or a similar platform?

On top of this, utilising audience listening platforms which not only helps to listen to people talking (whether positive or negative) about your company but also the wider picture where you can hear the comments of your competitors, similar products, etc not just locally, nationally or internationally to help you grow, is now a key component of your Social Business toolbox too.

Maybe you should look at Zoomph, which is an excellent one I have found to be so beneficial and fits so well into my use of Hootsuite too.

Should you want to discuss how and in what way you need to move forward with Social Business processes, please do feel free to contact myself to allow me to discuss with you how I can help to move you forward….

To discover more on how the right strategy can help you and your company lay the foundations for bringing the family of “Social” in to your company, feel free to contact myself to help take you forward into the world of “The Social Family”….

Or to understand more as to why you should be using Hootsuite and Zoomph — then please do get in touch too via the contact form below.

Ian Calvert provides a range of Services whilst being a Brand Ambassador, Brand Advocate, Brand Evangelist and Social Business partner for many companies not just in the UK but Globally too. Thus, by keeping ahead of the game, Ian Calvert can help leverage and build the foundations for bringing both you and your company into 2018/2020 today. To discover more, feel free to contact via his website here.

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