Are you really portraying the right image…….

One of the the first things when I go through a company overview with them, is whole persona and what they are trying to achieve and show to the world…….

And that starts with going through their Digital Footprint……

But the issue is they have had web designers, graphic designers, marketing advisors/coaches, Social Media trainers, attended seminars and events, etc, etc……the list just goes on and on and yet you’d be surprised how no know has said anything to them…….

Well that’s until I did and yep, I said it to them straight – no airs or graces, straight to the very point!!!

Why the hell have you invested in a website and then gone and used a Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc email address?

What is wrong with you?

You brought the website domain name – so use it!!

This is one of the most common mistakes going in the Self-Employed, SoHo, MicroBiz, SMB and SME business arenas – yet they say no one has told them????


Well actually yes I can believe this as the amount of Graphic Designers, Marketeers and Printers who just work with what they are given and never point out obvious things like this with the email just shows so many are just in it for the money!

I must admit I don’t have an email address for this site for the simple reason is it’s for my rants, raves, reviews, opinions and exploits as well some projects I’ve been involved in.

My emails that I do use are always connected to the domain the type of project/client I am working and that’s how I balance things, but for a business, you’ve a domain so use it fr your email……



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