Can the US battle with Huawei backfire on the US and the western world?

When you look at the FVEY regions and how they are deciding that Huawei potentially should not be any part of/involved in the 5G roll out starting this year, the regions across Africa, Asia and the Far East can see this as a huge step forward in moving from being “Emerging Markets” to either “Emerged Markets” or “Developed Markets” – this could really have a dangerous impact on FVEY – a huge backward step in coming forward?

When the countries of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States of America came together to form Five Eyes (abbreviated to FVEY), they formed what can be classed as Anglophile Intelligence Alliance where the countries are party to a multilateral UKUSA Agreement.

With the continued drive lead by the US Security Services and Justice Department to keep insisting that Huawei provides a huge security risk, is owned by the Chinese Government, is allowing the Chinese Government to listen/access to calls, information, data etc via their Huawei devices, stole US technology etc, etc, (and using these yet to be proved allegations) and the threat of pulling US Military bases out their countries, the US has what can be conceived as, putting pressure on the other four members of the FVEY network, to exclude Huawei from being part of the 5G network roll out in their country, and as well as putting pressure on the networks in those countries to remove Huawei equipment from their telephone and data networks.

This could be what leads to the biggest ever shift in the sectors of data and telecommunications that has ever been seen worldwide!

With these countries (except the US as they have previously restricted Huawei being parts of the telecommunications networks for sometime) already having network operators signalling that they were opting for the 5G technology from Huawei. Therefore, Huawei have geared up for 5G and as a result production is on track….but FVEY are say they will be looking elsewhere…..and that’s the BOOM that really can/will damage FVEY….

With there being 196 countries worldwide, and once you remove FVEY, that leaves 190 countries (as Japan have what could be seen as bowed to US pressure and said they would prevent Huawei being part their 5G roll-out) who need to deliver 2G, 3G and 4G networks – many regions within several of these countries (maybe even 50% or more) don’t even have full 2G let alone 3G or 4G!

Maybe, if these six countries have removed equipment, could this equipment be reused in these countries?

But this is the bigger bonus to these 190 countries……a surplus of 5G networks and equipment…….

With forward planning of 5G production by Huawei during 2017 and 2018, with production during 2018 and this year already under way, before the announcements from FVEY and Japan over the last 6-8 weeks, the stockpile of Huawei’s 5G products could lead to these 190 countries going from an incomplete 2G as a minimum to a 4G and 5G telephony and data network, in one huge leap!

And this is where it’s a huge dangerous situation for these 6 countries as overnight a single company could transform a country overnight unlike any US company could ever do!


Well look at any US technology or telecommunications company – there is no company that delivers a virtual end to end solution and be called a solutions partner like Huawei!

And what makes it even worst, these countries could in a way do all this overnight – deliver a virtually complete 4G or 5G network!

Well OK, maybe not exactly overnight but maybe in maybe a month especially when look at a African country or any other country in between the lines of Cancer through the Equator towards Capricorn – this is clearly possibly!

Why? How? Simple……let’s just take a look…..

Delivery town to town:-

  • Masts – a company
  • Mobile network equipment – Huawei
  • Solar Power for the equipment – a company
  • Solar power Inverters – Huawei
  • Battery packs for power storage – a company

Delivery around the town:-

  • Streetlights – powered by solar panels
  • Power converted by Inverters – Huawei
  • Battery packs for power storage – a company
  • Masts inside street lights – Huawei

Network delivery:-

  • Network delivered into buildings – MiMo network
  • Network delivered into flats – MiMo network
  • Network delivered into homes – MiMo network
  • MiMo network – Huawei

Delivery of services or network through the buildings:-

  • Network delivery routers – Huawei
  • Network transmission network servers – Huawei
  • Signal boosters – Huawei
  • Wireless routers/hubs – Huawei
  • Telephone switchboards/ handsets – Huawei

Delivery of services within the building – ie flat or house:-

  • Network delivery – router – Huawei
  • Network delivery – wireless dongle – Huawei
  • Telephone products/ handsets – Huawei
  • Television Cable/Satellite set top boxes – Huawei
  • Internet/WiFi – Huawei
  • Meters/Smart Meters (Water, Gas, Electric) – Huawei

Network/Infrastructure Management:-

  • Smart city – Huawei Enterprise
  • Electricity flow/management – Huawei Enterprise
  • Gas flow/management – Huawei Enterprise
  • Water flow/management – Huawei Enterprise
  • Traffic flow management – Huawei Enterprise
  • Renewable power management – Huawei Enterprise
  • Farm-crop management – Huawei Enterprise
  • Meat/Livestock management – Huawei Enterprise

Building Power:-

  • Solar Panels – a company
  • Power converted by Inverters – Huawei
  • Power storage – battery packs via a company

Country/Town/City/Village Power:-

  • Solar Panels – a company
  • Power converted by Inverters – Huawei
  • Power storage – battery packs via a company

Using Technology:-

  • Mobile/Smart phones – Huawei
  • Tablets – Huawei
  • Laptops – Huawei
  • Telling the time – Smart Watch – Huawei
  • Health Monitoring – Smart Watch – Huawei

And this is even before we talk about how 3D Printing, AI, Data Analysis, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality etc can utilise the Computing Power delivered by the varying ranges of chips and servers Huawei offer alongside their Cloud and Enterprise offerings.

So, any one of those 190 countries could leap from 2G, 3G, or 4G straight 5G across their whole country and this is how it could backfire hugely on the FVEY members and Japan!

Imagine what is classed as an emerging country or even classed as a third world country, leap straight onto 5G and it be delivered countrywide within months because by using Solar power to power everything, the masts, street lights and network is just erected and being self powered, switched straight on meaning an immediate 5G network!

And that the problem for FVEY – the five of you are about to be left behind in the race to 5G by one single company……all because Huawei – a company from China – have delivered a company that offers so much and that’s what in my opinion has annoyed the US as there has never been a US company that offers much!

The closest US companies have come you could say is IBM – oh wait, they sold they computer business! Or what about Microsoft – oh wait they have sold/closed down their mobile phone business! Yet both of these companies that are the closest to coming anywhere near Huawei, only probably reach 40-45% of what Huawei offers!

So when you say you are or are using a Solutions Partner – are you really? If you look worldwide, Huawei is the only one company that can be called a world leader in Solution Delivery!

And what they are missing, they have partners that can deliver the missing links…..

Oh, wait a minute, that without us even talking about 6G……..


All views expressed in this article are purely the views of Ian Calvert and not Huawei or any of it’s subsidiaries

Note 1 – article updated 28th of December 2018

Note 2 – article further updated 7th of January 2019

Note 3 – article further updated 23rd of January 2019


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