My List of influencers for 2014 (2014-03-05)

Who in your Circle of Influence is an Influencer for you?

#IanCalvert #Ian-Calvert #IanMCalvert #Ian-M-Calvert #ServiceAddress #Service-Address #TheSocialPiggy #The-Social-Piggy #Influence #Influencer #Engage #Engager #2014 Following on from my page on Influencers, my blog  and previous Influencer List, I have been asked what has changed? Has anything? Are you removing or adding any one? I think it is  something that I may need to keep re-visiting as influencers come and go but are they still influencers? Well, yes they are – why? Simple, come and go has many meanings and does create windows of interaction that can be consistent or frequently. A comparison could be said to be your car garage – you may go once a year and when you are there, it is great, but what happens on the other 364 days a year? You can’t say they are amazing because you aren’t there every day but you can speak about the day you use them. The same applies here, people I regard as influencers, are one’s that impact on myself and how they focus, assist or help myself, in some cases, these can be a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly. Yet in each and every way we interact, for me personally, it is educational, engaging, influencing, inspiring and most importantly, these people help me focus. So, currently, I haven’t dropped any one but a few have been added and remember, to understand where this came from, just click here to find out all the bits behind the list…….. And here is the updated list for you……. my list which is based on people who can inspire, transform and help you to develop your business further. Feel free to click on the links below to explore them further:-


  1.  Name is hyper-linked through to their entry on Wikipedi
  2. Their Twitter account
  3. Their website
  4. Their LinkedIn profile

This list was complied based on my interactions, observations and views during the last twelve months and don’t use any calculations as these don’t take into account human interaction.

For further information, on Ian Calvert or to contact to find out more, please click here. Also, if you feel someone is missing and I should connect with to include on the list, please complete the form below:-

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