As they say “life is one long education”……….and for people who say they know how to do things, walk on past – as you never know everything! Life is one long education as we are always learning until the day we die….

So how do we take things forward and learn? Well we could go back to college, university, day or weekend courses or distance learning but what are you learning? Are you learning for the sake of learning or because you will add something to your work life or just your lifestyle…

What I have done, is take some of the things that have affected myself and my lifestyle and thought how or what is missing. Therefore I have taken a step back viewed many things that have, are and might happen around my life and documented it. From there via mind mapping, I have noticed that information is available to you if you can find find it and if you have time to find it….

Thus, I am offering various programmes where I will deliver to you weekly, various elements to enhance what you are doing to develop further. Some of these areas may or may not be to your liking, or you may not think why you would need these, the simple answer is that you need to focus on the now, to help you reach the future. As a result, I will be bringing you this information to help you implement it into your life to help set you on the path, keep you focused and lead you down the path you want to be on to reach where you aim to be in three or five years time…….

I have thought about everything that happening and through discovery, I have discovered what can be identified as over 250 different aspects, platforms or facilities that form part of changing world of Social Media that creates an impact on your life each and every day. I have broken this down into a few programmes that you can have deliver to you that will either be for you personally, your career and your company – the choice is your’s….

These programmes provide you updates as to what is happening in those areas, what you should be doing, changes that are taking place and an overview as what is the news along with infographics and checklists and helpful information guides.

For further information, on Ian Calvert or to contact to find out more, please click here

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