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One thing that I have discovered is people constantly asking for a card or details on how to contact myself so we can get in touch or asking what I am up to.

So, I spent time looking around for a way this can be achieved, especially when things keep changing with new projects that I am working on. Just think for a minute, if people are wanting to see what you do or where you are at, this can takes minutes as well many visits to various different websites and webpages?

An easy way which is free for you to utilise is which is effectively on-line business card. The only downside to this – well for me any way – is that it was not very friendly in the fast moving times of Social Media or interactive enough ie across desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile telephones, plus it doesn’t cover everywhere you need to show your audience!

Therefore, I have found – what I think is – a great facility, where on your touch screen device (or clicking via your mouse on desktop or laptop if you wish to use it via there), you just touch the item you want to know about and it automatically launches the item, whether it be a webpage, email facility or even dialing the number.

This website, lists various places where I am as well as contact details too. When you look at this on your smartphone, you just swipe up to find the relevant place you went to go to and press – then that page launches!

All this is quick and easy and in around 3 seconds, you’ve found the place you want to contact/view me at all in one place, after the page has loaded!

Much much faster and better than having to send people to various locations!


This interactive mobile website is provided based on many various options/topics such as:-

  • Profile photo
  • Description and Biographical details
  • Details of the web pages, email addresses, telephone numbers that you wish people to connect with you via
  • pdf’s advising what you can offer
  • Videos to show examples of yourself or company

All this is done via The Social Piggy and you just need to provide the above information and items to them as listed/displayed here. Then they produce your own single place website either for a one-off first year payment (with on-going yearly fees from 2nd year onwards) or with the following options:-

  • First stage payment to cover obtaining domain name and implementation of the application
  • Set-up and receipt (of first payment) of weekly standard order to cover hosting and rental
  • Second stage payment of the handover of the website
  • Optional PaYG changes to your website or range of packages to cover a range of inclusive changes available each year

You can see some examples of the sites they have produced below:-

For further information on this must have application IMHO, please give them a call on +44 871 575 9 575 or compete the form below:-

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