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I thought I would give you a page where you can see all the blogs I have written this year. There will be some blogs that I will have written this year that won’t be listed and the reason for this, is that will have been wrote for other people or companies who do not wish to disclose I have written these articles/blogs for them.

So, as a way to help you easily see what I have written, I have put together this page so you are able to see all my writings and then feel free to comment on them. The oldest writings are at the bottom and the newest at the top.

If you wish to see all my articles/blogs in one location, they are all listed here or just want to learn more about my writing’s, please visit “Read – The Story”.

Also, if you wish to contact myself directly about them or would like me to contribute an article to your site or platform, please complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Many thanks

Ian Calvert


2013 – December

2013-12-19 – Ian M Calvert  – Are you a taker? Do you ever share? Are you Engaging?

2013-12-16 – Ian M Calvert  – Any jobs? I have free time – do you want to give some free time over the Festive period?

2013-12-16 – Service Address – Mobile or Location Social Media – are you there yet?

2013-12-11 – Ian M Calvert  – Are you Showcasing?

2013-12-06 – Ian M Calvert  – Do you answer or not?

2013-12-06 – exploreb2b – Are you an Engager? Do you actively participate in your Social Media when people communicate with you?

2013-12-05 – Service Address – Autumn Statement – right or wrong?

2013-12-05 – Ian M Calvert  – Anonymous Viewing or LinkedIn Members who wish to remain Anonymous….

2013-12-03 – Ian M Calvert  – Is content king? Has “Content Marketing” now come of age?

2013-12-03 – Service Address – UK construction growth fastest since August 2007…..

2013-12-03 – exploreb2b – Is your content being Showcase’d?

2013-12-03 – Service Address – Lending – who is best? Banks? Crowdfunding! Or the Government?

2013-12-02 – exploreb2b – Is this a beneficial move by the UK Government to help businesses?

2013-12-02 – Ian M Calvert  – Where are you with defining yourself? How are you showing yourself?

2013-12-02 – exploreb2b – In the fast moving world of Social Media, what are you using to put yourself in the shop window?

2013-12-01 – Ian M Calvert  – No mortgage? Blame the banks or are Estate/Letting Agents that are to blame?

2013 – November

2013-11-30 – Ian M Calvert  – LinkedIn Help or should we say the lack of it when needed……..

2013-11-29 – exploreb2b – LinkedIn and Anonymous Viewing…..

2013-11-28 – exploreb2b – Who are the real movers and shakers that will influence you in 2014?

2013-11-26 – exploreb2b – Who is right? Who should you follow – informers or repeating informers?

2013-11-26 – Ian M Calvert  – Who is right? Who should you follow? Informers or repeating informers?

2013-11-23 – Ian M Calvert  – Working whilst relaxing……can this happen?

2013-11-22 – Service Address – Do you grab the money or take the brave decision now?

2013-11-21 – Service Address – Your product or service – does it have a shelf life? Or is a re-brand required?

2013-11-20 – Service Address – Are you in front of everyone? 2013-11-20 – Service Address – Funding and growth…..

2013-11-19 – Ian M Calvert  – When we speak to people – we communicate, but do you on-line?

2013-11-19 – Service Address – All changes are coming to conclusion and ready for 2014…..

2013-11-18 – Ian M Calvert  – Social Media…..what form does it take for you?

2013-11-14 – Ian M Calvert  – Are you wanting something new or are you happy to see the same things again and again?

2013-11-01 – Ian M Calvert  – MLM – is it an opportunity or a scam?

2013 – October

2013-10-20 – Ian M Calvert  – What are you are looking for or wanting……..

2013-10-04 – exploreb2b – Is an adviser someone you can trust?

2013 – September

2013-09-03 – exploreb2b – A question…..

2013 – August

2013-08-31 – Ian M Calvert  – Your photo to the world……

2013 – June

2013-06-30 – Ian M Calvert  – Happy birthday Google+ but………

2013-06-29 – Ian M Calvert  – Are you listening BBC……. Hello…….. Hello……..

2013-06-28 – Ian M Calvert  – How I use LinkedIn to gain new clients

2013-06-18 – Ian M Calvert  – Is it time for an “Engagement” or do you hide away…….

2013-06-16 – Ian M Calvert  – Using iOS – have you looked lately at Facebook?

2013-06-14 – Ian M Calvert  – Coventry City Football Club, SISU and Otium Entertainment Group Limited

2013 – May

2013-05-20 – Ian M Calvert  – So are you a Facebook, Google+ or Yahoo person? Is Social Media becoming a three horse race?

2013-05-01 – Ian M Calvert  – Are you taker or partner?

2013 – April

2013-04-30 – Ian M Calvert  – Engage! How many sides do you have or use?

2013-04-24 – Ian M Calvert  – Obama injured, White House attacked, News story, Social Media – which one of them is true or accurate?

2013-04-23 – Ian M Calvert  – So why deliver words which turn out to be hollow and how do you survive in business behaving that way?

2013-04-20 – Ian M Calvert  – Why is Britain falling apart? Is it because of our fascination with “so called” celebrities?

2013-04-14 – Ian M Calvert  – Drinking…..what impact it can have on our lives…..

2013-04-03 – Ian M Calvert  – Market Research and LinkedIn….think before you make that call…..

2013-04-01 – Ian M Calvert  – As one finishes, another one begins…..and into Quarter 1 or is it Quarter 2?

2013 – March

2013-03-27 – Ian M Calvert  – Business Insurance…..

2013-03-24 – Ian M Calvert  – Out of your depth……

2013-03-23 – Ian M Calvert  – Catch up on the week that was……..

2013-03-20 – Ian M Calvert  – Looking for a business Partner, an investor or doing a joint venture – have you drip fed?

2013 – January

2013-01-23 – exploreb2b – Creating another storm…..Google+…..

2013-01-22 – exploreb2b – Social Media – who is right?

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