2014 – what is inspiring or influential?

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Quite interesting that just before or after Christmas, and the same can be said for New Year; lists start to appear (and yes, before you say it, I did do one but mine was around the end of November and then has been updated since) which show you the ‘movers and shakers‘, ‘top people, men or women‘, ‘influential people‘ or ‘inspiring people‘ but…….

What are these?

Having spent last year seeing people “self promoting” saying they were on this list and that list and at this position. But what are they? Do you actually really look at these people and their backgrounds?

That is why I did my list back in November and mine was based on people who I found actually to be inspiring and that had interacted with myself (ie we exchanged messages, emails and/or telephone calls), thus meaning I wanted to share these people with you as they actually are people over robots!

IanMCalvert ServiceAddress TheSocialPiggy Influence Lists

Apologies if you are on a list and feel I have called you a robot, but my reason is simple…..


Just look at these lists and these people you see on there, they are coming across just totally one-sided in my opinion in most cases. Have you looked at the profiles and what they are sending? In most cases, from what I have seen, they:-

  • Post several times an hour
  • Each and every hour 
  • Seven days a week
  • Thus – they are constant posting, just pumping out information over and over again, do you see this from top business people or entrepreneurs?
  • Look back at the posts – they are repeated each week, over the fortnight or month – repetitive?
  • When you see their posts, are they up to date? Look at the  links and blogs – see the dates on them
  • When you see their posts, you will see people have commented or shared them – yet how often is there a reply/response from the person posting
  • Lots of the posts that are posted, in some cases, are their clients work, so they are posting work for their clients that they have done, to gain more exposure for their clients – but is this right? Does this help you or them?

So, when you see these lists, actually consider the bigger picture…..

Whilst these people have got on to these lists by sharing lots of information which yes is of interest and benefit in some cases, but can they really help me? That is the question you need to ask yourself…

If they don’t speak to hardly anyone, will they interact me? You need to interact with people and the best influencers for you and your business are people who you engage with….

Just look at your business, if you didn’t communicate with your prospects, they wouldn’t become clients and these clients wouldn’t buy from you and thus, you would have no sales and no income! Meaning……


So, when looking at these lists, make sure you are choosing the right people to spend time with. Yes you can follow these people to learn and share some of their posts but you need to interact with influencers….

Don’t just take my word for it, look at my list and just see who they are and how they interact…..

So, if you want to discuss this further and see how I can help you, either contact myself here or complete and submit the form below:-


Let your critics and doubters create your 2014……


It’s 2014 and yep – your doubters and critics are here too….


So they are here to throw doubt at you and try to spread comments about you

Thus casting doubt on your image and reputation


Well don’t let the doubters get to you….

As they are there to help make you grow and develop……


Here is how your doubters can help you and you can help them…….


#CreatingASuccessful2014 #IanMCalvert #ServiceAddress #PathToYourFuture

When people throw stones at you trying to smash the windows to your future, grab those stones and use them to build the path to the future of your success


#CreatingASuccessful2014 #IanMCalvert #ServiceAddress #BuildingAHouse

Whilst our critics and doubters stand there and throw bricks at us, we are the ones to catch those bricks and use them to build the foundations for the house of our dreams


#CreatingASuccessful2014 #IanMCalvert #ServiceAddress #TheDoorwayToSuccess

Your doorway to your future success is the opportunity your doubters are missing out on!

That is why there is no door.

It is the open doorway that you give to allow your doubters the opportunity to join you on your path to success…….


#CreatingASuccessful2014 #IanMCalvert #ServiceAddress #AddADoorToGetPeopleKnockingYourDoor

Creating a doorway to the future, is the way for you to move on and leave your doubters behind


#CreatingASuccessful2014 #IanMCalvert #ServiceAddress #KnockOnMyDoor

With no-one knocking at your door, build a door for them to knock.

When they knock, open it and then they can enter your world of success leaving your critics behind


#CreatingASuccessful2014 #IanMCalvert #ServiceAddress #KnockTheDoorToEnterYourFuture

Adding a door to the doorway to your future, means people have to knock before you then open your doorway.

Only letting people through the door are the ones you want to join you on your path to success.

Thus leaving your doubters behind the closed door…….


#CreatingASuccessful2014 #IanMCalvert #ServiceAddress #BlackHole #Doubters

Leaving your doubters behind in their black hole allows you to explore the universe of success and create the future others will want to join you in


I trust these images and words show that you have the ability to turn the negatives – that your critics and doubters throw at you – into the positives that will inspire others to come and join you in making 2014 a successful year….