How Google Can Leverage Facebook’s Biggest Weakness

I have being say for so long that Google Plus is being hyped up by so many but the audience isn’t there and yes it is time that Google really needs to think something new other wise so many will pass them by……


Editor’s Note:   Brenden Mulligan is a co-founder and designer at Cluster , a web and mobile app that enables users to create private social networks around interests and experiences. He previously created and sold ArtistData and Onesheet .

News broke yesterday that Vic Gundotra is leaving Google. Many have supposed that Google+ is dead in the water, and its overt failure is something Google can’t come back from. I think Google should look at this as a fresh start — and take the opportunity to implement private sharing in a way that users love.

When Google initially launched Plus, it was clear they just wanted users to move their sharing over from Facebook. Google+ didn’t give users a new way to interact, it just copied another social network’s model. As a result, Google’s social network attempt never truly took off. Few people actively share on it. No one checks it. Most…

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