Microsoft Drops New Windows 10 Build, Promises Faster Updates

Wish Windows10 was becoming more and more available!

Can’t wait for office2016….


This afternoon, Microsoft released a new Windows 10 build for participants in its beta program for the forthcoming operating system.

The build (“10041” for those keeping score) includes a number of new features and fixes that we’ll get to in a moment, but more importantly Microsoft has retooled its release program to get new, fresher code more quickly into the market. The more than 3 million people who are part of the Windows 10 testing group who elect to receive faster updates of less-solid code will now receive them at an accelerated rate.

Gabe Aul, the public face of Windows 10’s update cycle, tells me that Microsoft has changed its federation process for builds, allowing the company to more quickly get code into the hands of users who want a leading-edge experience. Testing will still occur inside of Microsoft before builds are released to those users, and Windows 10 users who select the slower…

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Are you really moving forward?

We all seem to be going about doing our daily routine but aren’t all jobs the same when you drill them down?

Some may say that their job is different everyday but if you look behind the scenes, it is still the same each day with the same processes and reasons for working being the same.

Yet we are constantly hearing on the news of all this new technology and how the internet is going to make our lives better, but is it?

Are you seeing it?

Are you experiencing it?

Whilst it is not there for you to reach out and grab, it is surrounding you each and everyday thus playing an active part in your everyday life.

Whether you traveling in your car,  on the bus or the train, data is being collected and used by their on-board computers as to how the engine is performing and if maintenance is required. Whilst you walk down the street, through a shopping centre or crossing the road, sensors are detecting you and your surroundings to measure the air, environment, traffic and pedestrian movement – the list goes on – feeding all this data back to make our lives better.

So, don’t dismiss all this technology out of hand and say it isn’t affecting you because it is and there is so much more to come. Whether you like it or not, Wearable Technology such as bands or watches are just – as an example – a more usable mobile device of when you are in hospital and attached to a monitor and it measuring your heart or blood pressure. So if you can have devices like this, that still allow you to continue your every day life but is able to send all this information back to your Doctor, isn’t this a way to improve your life?

Taking technology to a further extreme – yet some would say this is brilliant, if you are passing your local Tesco, Sainsbury’s or Waitrose and your Smartphone or Band alerted you that you are low on milk and you needed to buy some – would this appeal?

Or is that just plain creepy….

We will never find everyone in society liking the way technology is entering or changing our lives, but it is mostly done to improve how we live, operate and behave…..

you just have to decide whether to accept it or not……..