Getting Engaged and learning from children…..

Change of plan……

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I was all set ready to press send on my blog but then I reflected on events at the weekend, yesterday and items that appeared on my LinkedIn profile this morning…. so, I will have to leave wearable technology, communications and other things to another time….

On Sunday, I was at a birthday party for Joey who was one and there was a wide range of adults there, with all together around 20 children ranging from younger than Joey up to about six years except for his cousin who was eight. The amazing thing when you stood back watched these children play, there was something that we all lose as we grow older…..

engage, interact and fear


Taking these in stages….

  • engage – none of the children sat or stood around, they were just going up to each other and talking. Asking their name, want to play, what are you doing….all things that come natural….
  • interact – all the children were very much about playing together helping one another and even the older ones say around four to six were going up and playing with the under two’s….
  • fear – this is was that I was surprised at! There were balloons everywhere and they were playing with them in different ways from football to throwing them in the air then…..BANG! Someone burst a balloon and there was screams of laughter followed by them trying to burst more…..

However, let’s skip forward ten years or more to the adults, they ranged from eighteen through to late forties and if you take the three points above, let’s compare…..


  • engage – the adults just mostly stood or sat at the sides hardly talking to anyone unless it was someone they came with or their child…
  • interact – the adults only interacted with other’s was when it was time for the food. All the children gathered at the table to sit or went with their parents to get their food. Whilst either in the queue or the table when everyone was together, the adults started to interact. Then food finished and the children started to play, it stopped! Only when the games started, only then did the interaction start again……
  • fear – this was the surprise! The children were bursting the balloons and there was shrieks of laughter yet the adults let off screams of shock and panic and then moaned how they didn’t like bangs!

So what went wrong? What happened over those ten years or more? Where did we lose this engagement, interaction and gain this fear?

Thus, I was thinking about writing about this event later this week or next week, but yesterday I saw so much about people posting comments on Twitter and LinkedIn all virtually about the same or similar topics. When you looked at who had liked, favourited, re-tweeted or shared these items, quite often people were the same and had posted new items on virtually the same topic. Yet, none of them commented on the other’s streams! Why not?

What did I speak about above? Engage and Interact…..yet this was lost! Why?

To create a new article without acknowledging the person where the idea came from or commenting on their item, I find strange – why didn’t you engage or interact with them?

The art of engaging and interacting seems to be disappearing more and more with our society and something we need to rebuild. Whilst I have my up’s and down’s (mostly up’s I will say) with LinkedIn and things they are doing, lately they have changed, especially over the last six months. They are truly building a facility were they are encouraging engagement and interaction. Some examples are:-

  • LinkedIn Contacts – this App has truly taken me to another level when it comes to engaging with my connections
  • LinkedIn Pulse – this news facility that replaced LinkedIn Today, lets you share all the latest news with your connections
  • LinkedIn Influencers – By getting some big names to write articles which are informative and educational helping you not only to learn, but take the articles, share them and engage with your connections and starting interacting with them….
  • Blogging/Post writing – Following on the success of the above, LinkedIn is now opening up the facility above, to enable you to write your own blogs and articles and thus engage with connections and beyond by writing these articles and creating the opportunity to interact with such a wider audience….

Michael Kinnear wrote an excellent status update  sharing an article entitled “How LinkedIn Quietly Built a Massive Media Empire” written by Dave Kerpen. Michael’s article clearly knows how to engage and interact in a clearly straight forward way. In the opening paragraph about Dave’s article’s, Michael tagged Dave in – clear engagement, interaction and furthermore acknowledgement!

Then, if you read through the article, you will see that Michael continues to interact and engage with the people commenting on his article but taking it a stage further! He actually looked and took notice of this update by taking a stage further by seeing who had commented and then engaging and getting involved with them.

I must admit, I missed this article (so I hadn’t even liked, shared or commented on it) from Michael (even though we are both 1st line connections) but when replying to people, he included myself. Why? Michael was highlighting the fact of engaging and brought me in asking for my opinion. I was both flattered and intrigued but maybe this was because Michael may have been reminded by my strap line on my profile

Helping you develop and grow by “Engage – Collaborate – Influence” – Your Advisor, Connector, Influencer and Introducer” 

who know’s but Michael, engaged with me by mentioning myself and thus getting me to interact with him, his connections and the people who commented on his article…

So, take a step away, look from the outside in on your Social Media profiles and see how you engage and interact – are you?

Go back to what I said at the beginning – think of the children at the birthday party on Sunday….




have no


Hide your fear and start interacting and engaging with your audience. This will help you not only be more involved with your connections more but also with other people who comment on your articles or ones you commented – these could become future connections, prospects and clients….

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Who or what are Fund Managers, Traders and Investment Managers?

Self serving or Greedy?

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Is the technology industry really being held back the greed of Venture Capitalists, Investment Bankers and Speculators?

Recently there has been an abundance of “Money” people appearing in the news, on the radio and on television over the last weeks talking about Apple, Blackberry, Facebook, Google, Lenovo, Microsoft, Motorola and Yahoo amongst many technology and Social Media companies, saying that this needs to be done, this needs to be sold, break this company up, is this the right person etc, etc…..

Hello – why?

Oh, the reason is simple! You are greedy and just want to make money for yourselves in double time! Make money for your clients to get your bonuses plus get rewarded by expanding your client base and all your media appearances and impressions more like!!

As many people  – including myself – have written about this on numerous occasions! Just let’s look at a recent examples…..

  • investors criticising Marissa Mayer for under-performing with generating sales at Yahoo and that was this a signal that Yahoo was going in the wrong direction and maybe she wasn’t doing well! What? This is the person that in the 18 months or so that she has been in charge at Yahoo, she has increased the share price by around 141% – is this not a success? Now who is smart? Marissa Mayer and Yahoo of course….
  • Google moves in the limelight by buying Motorola for $12.5 Billion and everyone thought wow they are moving into mobile phones and then they go and sell Motorola Mobility to Lenovo for $2.9 Billion along with 2000 patents! Analysts jumping all over the place saying what a mistake Google have made and losing nearly $10 Billion – how wrong were they! Firstly analysts then remembered that Google had already made a deal selling the Motorola set-top box division that when added to the Lenovo deal produces nearly $6 Billion – short memories as they raved about what a good move it was selling the set-top division!  Then later that day, analysts, bankers, investors, etc,etc start releasing details that had been in the public domain starts to finally came out, Google was left with over 15,000 patents! Best not explain what patents are as you will think of money and completely miss the point! Oh and plus during all this deal, they got a sharing deal with Samsung which produced a deal where neither party would sue each other over Patent’s! Now who is smart? Google of course….
  • Then of course there is Lenovo, and such confusion with them here too! Excellent news of Lenovo buying IBM‘s computer division a few years back and disappointment when the IBM‘s small server division sale to Lenovo fell through. Yet joy when that sale reappeared and completed last month together with the above purchase from Google too. Yet now, with rumours circulating that Lenovo will possibly make some more purchases including today’s rumour mill (2012/02/05) that they are likely to announce purchasing the VAIO Computing Business from Sony – what is happening? These same people are now saying too much debt, more borrowing, share dilution, etc, etc… Hang on a minute…. Lenovo has a history of buying divisions or companies which couldn’t make money or are starting to lose money and turning them into profitable operating divisions with Lenovo

There is a bigger picture forming around the Technology and Social Media and this is not money – or is it? Let’s see, companies need to grow, they need to invest and develop new products that are open to two markets. Yes “Money Makers” there is two markets – business and consumers – which need to be both keep separate and in some cases together. So why do you interfere where you don’t understand how business works….

You are slamming mismanagement as to how things have happened at Blackberry yet you are the ones that compared it to Apple and killed the business but blamed management!

Blackberry has always been a business tool over a consumer tool and the majority of all its income came from large Corporate and Government contracts – yet hey….Apple comes along and then you compare it and kill it!

Let me give you a quick lesson………..

  • Blackberry was a telephone with web access and the ability to work with Microsoft on a variety of levels via two platforms in which was the secure network and hence it was used by Governments and Financial sensitivity businesses
  • Apple, was a computer which ran a different computer system to Microsoft and they tried to compete but lost by having to finally allow software that would make Microsoft Office products workable on Apple computers. Then they launched a portable music device – iPod – which then was aimed at the consumer market. Yes the CONSUMER market! With the growth of this, they then looked at adding camera and telephone technology to it and hence the iPhone was born! The Consumer was happy as they could do so much on the move and if you actually look at the iPhone today, you will see that the majority of iPhone‘s usage is actually leisure usage. (A quick lesson for you, leisure time is something we try to find when we aren’t working which I know may be a foreign concept to you!)

So, by you saying that Blackberry is not doing well when comparing the numbers of their handsets against the iPhone, you were comparing figures from High Street telephone retailers – not like for like! As stated above previously, Blackberry‘s are mostly sold by Business (b2b) telephone companies, who do not sell to consumers. With you slating Blackberry and their products (look again at what you did by comparing the Playbook to the iPad) – you destroyed the brand and blamed the management!

Over the last fifteen plus years, you have killed and potentially ruined so many companies by falsely comparing them to the consumer market, commenting on products and services that you don’t understand and trying to make a quick buck by forcing companies to sell divisions which they have then had to buy back later which has cost them more money then they made! Oh, wait you guys made money, so I guess that is OK then…..

In summary, stop being greedy and self-serving Banks, Bankers, Investment Bankers, Investors and Venture Capitalists – leave Social Media and Technology alone….

Social Media and Technology will only grow through development and innovation via the people within these companies and technology experts and users.

Thus, if you want to understand the industry, talk to myself or any of the other experts here that are around with knowledge within Social Media and Technology and we will, by all means, happy to educate you – as you clearly need educating……

This article is further expansion of articles previously written on this topic by Ian Calvert at The Social Piggy and financial topics at Service Address – to discuss this more, please feel to either pick up the telephone and call, email or complete the form below:-

Let your critics and doubters create your 2014……


It’s 2014 and yep – your doubters and critics are here too….


So they are here to throw doubt at you and try to spread comments about you

Thus casting doubt on your image and reputation


Well don’t let the doubters get to you….

As they are there to help make you grow and develop……


Here is how your doubters can help you and you can help them…….


#CreatingASuccessful2014 #IanMCalvert #ServiceAddress #PathToYourFuture

When people throw stones at you trying to smash the windows to your future, grab those stones and use them to build the path to the future of your success


#CreatingASuccessful2014 #IanMCalvert #ServiceAddress #BuildingAHouse

Whilst our critics and doubters stand there and throw bricks at us, we are the ones to catch those bricks and use them to build the foundations for the house of our dreams


#CreatingASuccessful2014 #IanMCalvert #ServiceAddress #TheDoorwayToSuccess

Your doorway to your future success is the opportunity your doubters are missing out on!

That is why there is no door.

It is the open doorway that you give to allow your doubters the opportunity to join you on your path to success…….


#CreatingASuccessful2014 #IanMCalvert #ServiceAddress #AddADoorToGetPeopleKnockingYourDoor

Creating a doorway to the future, is the way for you to move on and leave your doubters behind


#CreatingASuccessful2014 #IanMCalvert #ServiceAddress #KnockOnMyDoor

With no-one knocking at your door, build a door for them to knock.

When they knock, open it and then they can enter your world of success leaving your critics behind


#CreatingASuccessful2014 #IanMCalvert #ServiceAddress #KnockTheDoorToEnterYourFuture

Adding a door to the doorway to your future, means people have to knock before you then open your doorway.

Only letting people through the door are the ones you want to join you on your path to success.

Thus leaving your doubters behind the closed door…….


#CreatingASuccessful2014 #IanMCalvert #ServiceAddress #BlackHole #Doubters

Leaving your doubters behind in their black hole allows you to explore the universe of success and create the future others will want to join you in


I trust these images and words show that you have the ability to turn the negatives – that your critics and doubters throw at you – into the positives that will inspire others to come and join you in making 2014 a successful year….

Is content king? Has “Content Marketing” now come of age?

Is your content being Showcase‘d?

Well it has been nearly six weeks since certain companies were asked to trial Showcase pages then four weeks again before other companies were asked to trial them and then LinkedIn opened Showcase Pages up to all companies a fortnight ago, but what are they?

With more and more Professional People using LinkedIn not just as a networking or connection facility but also as a search and research platform, then information does really need to stand out. So with information and content becoming richer and richer, the aspect of Content Marketing within LinkedIn needed improving. So with LinkedIn having:-

something was needed to deliver a way of producing information that was relevant, rich and full of content – so, the marketing of what companies could offer was crucial. It had to be something where “Content Marketing” was king and beneficial to promoting that company’s services or products in a rich vein.

However, Companies could already just post new status updates or add/update Products and Services on their page but not a way of making something stand out that was rich in content. Thus, a focused facility was needed, which had all the aspects of a Company Page but was not only a sub-section of the Company Page whilst also being a page that stood out on its own. Hence Showcase Pages were created which where effectively sub-pages of the Company Page together with being able to deliver rich Content Marketing of products, programmes, services, etc via a direct link or page.

So, if your company has a wide range of products or portfolio of services which you want to promote separately, then Showcase is the solution. By being able to label your Showcase page with your specific name, wording or branding, people entering those in to the search bar on the LinkedIn page will be able to discover your Showcase page.

The building of a page which allows for focused content and a page which is rich of your Content Marketing creates a facility on a Social Networking platform which delivers greater visibility and the creation of deeper engagement between all parties – prospective client, client, customer and supplying company – which enhances and takes the brand to another level.

Examples of Showcase pages include:-

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No mortgage? Blame the banks or are Estate/Letting Agents that are to blame?

Should I buy or rent but how?

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Where do I get the money from?

We all hear the issues of people struggling to get deposit’s together to buy houses and then banks are not willing to lend as they feel these people can’t afford them – really?

In essence, we have two major issues here and these need to be addressed in two very simple easy steps by the Government and the Bank of England…..but neither have the ‘Balls’ to does this! (So to speak!)…..

To rent a place….

Firstly, you need to be assessed by a reference/credit check per person! This can be as much as up to £195 per person and then you may also have an application fee of up to £250 and in some cases, some agents may even charge for children! Now whether you can get this for less or not but let’s say all in for £250, here is the start…

Then you need a deposit and this can be dependent on results of the above ranging from a month, six weeks, two months or three months….

Then you may also need a month up front too….

Say, let’s say the rent is £1,000 and you are couple plus they want two months deposit this could cost you £3,000 plus say the application of £250, that is a total of £3,250 even before you walk through the door!

An important thing to remember is that the application is not a Passport! So, if the place fall’s through and you can’t find another place, you then move to another agent and you have to pay an application fee all over again! Potentially, if you can’t find a place, you could go through to two or more agents which means at least £500 or more and with no house…..

Buying a house….

OK – the days of 100% mortgages have disappeared but if you are lucky you may get on a Government scheme to help you to buy or a shared purchase and failing that, you may need to find a deposit of 5% (if you are lucky) or in most cases 10% and above…..

So buying a house, let’s say (if you can find one) around £150,000, you could need to find anywhere £7,500  but in most cases £15,000 and above…..

Plus with changes to finding a mortgage or arranging a mortgage – you will need to involve a broker which could be £1,500 and above before solicitors and survey fees! So, you have just kissed goodbye to possibly £2,000 and that is before stamp duty/taxes (if applicable) and removal fees!

Then dependent on your credit history – the choices of getting a mortgage may vary, thus meaning a choice of interest rates based on your credit rating with the High Street lenders. Failing them based on your report, you will have to choose another lender and in some cases if your credit history is poor, you will be placed with Sub-Prime Lenders who charge more than double High Street Lenders!!

And here is the issue……

  • Renting can be classed as dead money (and yes here in the United Kingdom we want to own our own place, more than anywhere else in the world) and the cost can be so high with rental payments being more than mortgage payments!
  • If you have bad credit, you don’t get the best mortgage rates on offer and tend to go higher thus meaning higher interest rates which means higher mortgage payments

In both the cases above, the situation creates the issue of debt increasing and people getting into financial trouble as they are being forced to pay more money than they need to.

Thus, high rents means you struggles to pay bills, so you juggle your money to pay the rent and then other bills in order of importance and this then affects your credit rating. Now these rents are high and it could that these rents is driven high by agents asking high prices and in a lot of cases, the rent can be more than double the mortgage!

So with Letting/Estate agents driving up prices whether be for rental or purchasing the property, how can people afford to rent or buy as a realistic rate these days without getting into debt?

Here is an example for you to consider……

I was speaking to the cashier in my Building Society recently and she said she was moving. I commented that no doubt she got a deal on her mortgage with Building Society with staff discount and she said no. It transpired that with what her and her partner earn, the best mortgage they could get was for £138,000 and they would need at least a 10% deposit. Yet, as she said, there was no where within traveling distance of where they both worked, they could buy for that amount. 

Now here is the kicker……

She then explained, that the rent they were paying for their flat, if this was changed to a mortgage payment, they would be paying for £320,000 mortgage! Now explain if that is fair……

In summary, yes we could blame debt issues on people not paying their bills when they are due. Yet what are their paying for their rent or mortgage? Is this at high rates which is creating their bad debt position? Are banks/building societies charging too wider range of rates which is fueling this bad debt issue…..


Furthermore, could the issue be created here with Estate and/or Letting Agents? We see more and more of these opening each and every week – how many do we need? With more and more appearing, they all need to earn wages and pay for the running costs of their business – so this doesn’t help at all. Have you noticed that Estate and Letting Agents are normally always on the High Street or very prominent positions – thus meaning they are paying very rents for their offices! With them all trying to get business, they will be quoting higher sales prices or rental rates to secure the business and thus the seller or landlord wants the most money too, so they choose the Agent offering the most…..

So in summary, are Estate/Letting Agents responsible for driving up prices which create high prices for people wanting to rent or buy the properties or is it the banks/building societies both offering such wider ranges of rates which then create high rates and making/creating debt issues…who do you think is to blame……

And just to give you something extra to think about……..

Britain’s smallest £1,000,000 home up for sale… … …. – Monday 10th February 2014

UK’s most expensive parking space sold for £400,000… … …. – Thursday 13th February 2014 

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Are you wanting something new or are you happy to see the same things again and again?

A question for you…..

– How do you learn?
– Is it by seeing something new?
– Is it by seeing something that seems new but is just a repeat of something weeks, months or even a year or two ago?

So what is your answer…….

In my own opinion, I want to be reading something new that can educate and inspire myself – not receive something and then discover it was posted or shared previously!

How about receiving something that implies that it is new but upon reading it, you see the date and it is several months old, last year or even older? Whilst some of the information may be relevant, aren’t you being mislead with the accompanying message implying it is new?

I guess what I am hinting at, is so many people that are called experts, are actually repeating the same messages over and over again – maybe spaced a week or more apart – but is this beneficial to you? Wouldn’t it be better saying in the message, a new overview which then links back to the original article?

I may be being controversial and seem to be commenting on people who may be very successful – more than I could ever be – or more liked and well known than myself, so why is it people have made the same observations yet don’t want to upset the ‘Apple Cart’ but feel the same? Is it because they are concerned that people will question them and imply they don’t know what the experts are saying?

If you actually look at these ‘so-called’ experts, how many have actually ran a real business or had a real job in a position where they have to control budgets and make decisions as to whether people have a job or not? Had the occasion where they need money to pay bills, rent or taxes and experienced the worry that goes with it?

If you look at the high percentage of these ‘ so called ‘ experts, they are people who are either from a Academic background or have decided to take a new career and choose to become mentors, educators or experts. Yet, how have they all done this, read books, listen to podcasts, CD’s or watched YouTube or DVD’s and maybe even attended seminars or training courses. So, yes they may have this knowledge – and possibly qualifications – but do they really know what it is like to be in the position of the business people they are trying to help or are they the right people to nurture and mentor people starting out in business?

Yes, education can be very beneficial but is education more important than actual real life experience? How often have you undertaken role play? If you asked those people to role play a situation in their business, could they actually do it? I guess a comparison could be ‘would you let someone who has only read books, read the internet and watched YouTube/DVD’s BUT never touched or spoken to a real patient be your doctor or surgeon?’ – no doubt, the answer will be always NO….

So, in summary…….

Whilst it may help to drive people to your website, like your Facebook page, your LinkedIn or Xing profiles by continually asking them but surely wouldn’t it be better to say, ‘pop over and have a look, please let me know what you think‘? Doesn’t this create better engagement and collaborate with your audience and potential clients?

Furthermore, I am not suggesting everyone who does re-posting is wrong; as some people who re-post, do it because the original posting is being constantly reviewed and commented on, thus re-posting is to share the new comments to their audience.

Are you listening BBC……. Hello…….. Hello……..

When starting out in business, do you do any research? Or do you just provide what you WANT to your customers (or prospective customers) for them to buy?

In some aspects, provide is right and correct. Such as being a restaurant. You have to provide food for people to come and eat, otherwise why would you open a restaurant?

Or say a rental garage, you have cars but people then ask for estates or vans, so you add these to your fleet. So, by listening, you expanded from cars to cars (hatchbacks, saloons and estates) and vans.

With such a long history of broadcasting, you would think that the BBC would have listened and provided a common platform to deliver the required solution? From the early days of radio broadcasting – which was pioneering – things have evolved but it seems that the BBC haven’t!!!

Yes you – the BBC – gave us radio and provided a news service which what we needed and then followed it by adding entertainment but that was over 70 years ago and you haven’t learnt! Or have you but lost control?

Take a look at what has happened last night (Friday 28th June 2013), people were complaining by using hashtags of #BBCGlasto and #Glastonbury to comment on the BBC coverage and it’s presenters. Why? Well it is simple – advertise one thing and produce or show another! Until the Arctic Monkeys came on at 11.00pm all previous shows where from the afternoon and early evening but nothing live! The use of your “Red button” was on and off – why not constantly on?

The BBC stated that it had learnt from the Olympics and was using this to provide “Digital Glastonbury” but this simply was not the case. The BBC has an unrivaled position in broadcasting my opinion but they just aren’t using it. Take for example BBC three – this channel only broadcasts after 7.00pm yet why? Today is a prime example of what could be done:-

– this morning showing highlights of everything that was performed last night

– this afternoon live coverage

– this evening live coverage

But this doesn’t just stop there, with Digital Television being available, the use of the “Red button”, you can provide lots more too to offer people the choice of watching different stages and then you have radio too, where Radio One could provide complete live coverage too together replays of yesterday performances.

Is this possible? Well, that is why above I stated “Or have you but lost control?” and the reason for this is Glastonbury – a dedicated programme channel that the BBC have set up on the radio section of their website. Alternatively, if you go to iPlayer Radio on their website, you can download their radio app for your mobile phone or tablet. Both of these methods are providing methods of you watching live, listening live, watching recordings, listening to recordings or watching and listening to interviews.

Guess what BBC – the younger generation plus people knowing how internet facilities work are utilising these and you are providing them! Do you know what your different divisions are doing? And this is without including BBC1xtra and BBC6music!

If you are to keep up with the ever-changing, fast-moving world of technology, you need to start delivering what your client base want. You need to listen, learn and deliver. If you can do this on-line, make sure you replicate it as you clearly can – remember the Olympics? You did utilise all the channels and time slots to do deliver this – so why not now…….

Just a thought or you will really disappear and get life behind in this new age of technology…..