Using iOS – have you looked lately at Facebook?

Have you checked your Facebook page properly when using iOS on the iPhone and then the iPad?

If you go to your profile, it is offering you to update your profile. The details are similar to how you should have your profile on LinkedIn.

This detailed approach can be seen as one of two ways. Either they are wanting to get you to give a complete and accurate view of your life which I can’t see anything wrong with. Or on the other hand, what a great move by Facebook.

Facebook are allowing you to do what LinkedIn does by creating a complete CV of yourself but with the addition of including your music, film and book interests – what a clever thing they have done……

By getting you to compile all this information they are able help drive the information (which they think you are interested in) to your page whether via sponsored posts or advertising.

So, in summary, make sure you update your page as this is a great thing in my opinion. Yes, you may think it is providing too much information to Facebook or they are being too intrusive but in reality, it is #Engagement!

It is time to engage and share your information. You are being open to show credibility and history so people can see your background and thus make them more willing to engage with you. This engaging and sharing of information gives you the chance work and connect with people who you want to connect with and have similar backgrounds and interest.

It is time to #Engage – are you ready to share and engage…….

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