MLM – is it an opportunity or a scam?

At the end of the day, there are many MLM opportunities but which is the right one for your family or friends?

So what is MLM – an opportunity or scam?

What do people perceive about you?

In essence there are two areas of MLM – a credible one or a potential scam one – most importantly, it is down to you and how you come across…..

For example, one type of MLM is a straight forward one like Avon or Betterware which is very credible but why? Easy, you receive catalogues, you take them, you deliver them and them collect them with potential completed order forms. Very simple, straight forward and very credible! No pressure, no need to involve your family, friends or connections within your “Circle of Influence”.

Where a MLM network maybe considered a scam is where you have to sell a service, product or saving. Why can this be considered a scam? Simple, what do you do first when you join? You offer or introduce it to your family, friends or connections – these are your “Circle of Influence”, your “Key People of Influence”. So, if your MLM opportunity is not going as well as you hoped or desired, then you look for the next opportunity and then another and then possibly another….

I am not saying, stating or hinting that this a scam but asking you to think what your “Circle of Influence” think……

Which ever opportunity you choose, make sure it is the right one and stick with it as if you keep swapping and changing, your “Circle of Influence” will start to lose trust in you or begin to think that you have got involved with another scam – and there is that word…..

So, just make sure you choose the right opportunity that is right for you and if you aren’t sure which one is right, then ask the question or seek support as credibility is what you need and desire. This credibility leads to giving you the confidence to introduce or share this opportunity within your circle. So, with this air of confidence, you are able to share and influence your circle with is opportunity but with no confidence, this shows and people can see this, thus losing that introduction….

Scam or opportunity – only you can make that decision – but the rewards can be potentially huge. Once you have that confidence within this group, your ‘Circle of Influence’ will do one of two things, (a) buy from you or (b) ask to join your network – or if you are really lucky both!

So, to make sure you have that confidence within your “Circle of Influence” then seek advice and support. One person that can help you here is Carol Wildgoose or a group that can, is Smart Incomes Online via their website or via their LinkedIn Group

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