Marketing is changing but are you focused on this?

One of the many things that I am being asked more and more about, is why am I talking about being ready for the Pay launch is coming sooner than expected.

To which, I hear, is rumoured to be taking place around 15th or 17th of March 2015 here in the UK (personally I think the latter ie Tuesday is more likely).


Simple….it’s about the opportunity to “Market” and “Engage” with people who are around your business but aren’t actually understanding what you do or know you are there!

By using the ability of NFC and iBeacons, you will be able to link via the correct Content Marketing, people to your business that you wouldn’t normally have access too. This technology, Apple (by offering Pay), is going to really help take the marketing of your company into the age of engaging with your clients/customers and potential audience that may have just walked or driven past you previously.

A great example – that I was told about back in 2012 – is about you sat home searching for things on-line like say a shirt or blouse for example. You are looking at these items online and wondering whether it is right or not. The following day, you are walking or driving down the road or wandering around the shops and then your phone pings. All of a sudden, you are getting an alert to say that that shirt or blouse is on sale at “JJ’s Clothing” which is 150 yards away from you.

Now this, some may say is creeping and back in 2012 it could well have been. But now, Apple are really going to be able move businesses so far forward with iBeacon and NFC technology,that you need to be ready now and not play catch-up.

When a business has Pay or Contactless Pay terminals installed, these will also enable your store to communicate via NFC and Bluetooth. Therefore, this is going to be a huge marketing opportunity for you and you need to be ready.

So with this technology feeding off the content marketing you are wanting to share, you then need to make sure your websites are really converging with this Content Marketing and the way your iBeacons, NFC and Bluetooth marketing will converge too.

Whilst I can give you the ideas and how you should be planning things, I do suggest that you get an audit on your websites to make sure your websites are ready and not just for this, but that they are mobile, phablet and tablet enabled. You will be surprised how many companies have websites that aren’t ready for mobile communication.

So, here are a few companies for you to consider speaking to about having an audit:-

Diane RiversJuicy Marketing

Steve WelshThe Naked Marketer

Note – these companies that are paying for this article or advertising but companies that I have come across and heard great things about

So, don’t hold back and then be moaning that people using their Smartphones are getting alerts from other retailers and you don’t know about this. Get your audit done and make sure you have the iBeacons and payment terminals in place to start marketing your business with this technology….


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