Why the BBC needs to change……..

(Note – this is an abridged version of a document that Ian Calvert produced after been commissioned by a third party as briefing document on the BBC.)
It is becoming more and more apparent that the BBC are becoming more and more out of control and looking after their own…..yet are refusing to admit it…
Whilst we all like to progress in our careers and maybe we should be able to multi-task, is it right to stop other’s progressing or finding new talent?
What we are seeing with the BBC is that they are moaning that the Government is interfering and/or other media outlets are saying they are out of control, yet they can’t see why this has been said….time they actually looked at what they are doing and seeing how they have brought this on themselves……
A classic example is their move from London to Salford Quays and the huge kick in the teeth to the people in the Midlands, North East, North West and Wales by bring all the staff from London without looking at these regions!
Now several years later, what has happened — NOTHING!!!
Well tell a lie, they have cut the opportunities for new talent to progress from these regions or new talent…
Look at BBC Breakfast as a classic example, when in London, it had a variety of Weather, Business and Sport Presenters/Reporters — yet with the move they have cut this and merged jobs…. Looking at the weekend, we are seeing Business and Sport presenters now actually been the main presenters and the same is happening around the regions where weather presenters are also doing outside reporting too. So, if these roles are being merged and we have people studing their profession — how can they actually work with the BBC? If you have people training and becoming presenters etc, how can they get on mainstream television if they are being blocked by Business, Sport and Weather presenters? You don’t see mainstream presenters taking over and presenting the Business and Sports news or Weather?
And it is not just BBC Breakfast at the weekend, but the News in general. IF you are watching the BBC News channel – one thing you notice is that when the main news appears on BBC 1 – the BBC News Channel switches over to the BBC – another New Presenter! Why when you have a news channel with high paid news presenters, do they then have to employ someone for 5, 10 or upto 30 minutes by interrupting a dedicated News Channel so they can present this bulletin/show?
Another example be the new Daytime Morning presented by Victoria Derbyshire – why have it across BBC2 and BBC News? Again, how can you have a “Dedicated News Channel” but fail with it by interrupting news reporting with shows like this, BBCC Click, HardTalk etc etc? How can you have a News channel if you are going to have non-news programmes on it – it is either a news channel or current affairs – not both!
We are also seeing more and more media coverage alerts by presenters highlighting their shows – yet why do this to us and make great shows that we can’t by shoving them on BBC World? Some of the shows and reporting on there are much better and more suited to the UK instead blocking UK viewers from seeing them!
The time has for BBC to really get it’s house in order and use cross utilisation of services to make things work, thus, here are a few ideas:-
– Turn BBC News into a pure news channel with the any news bulletins/shows done on BBC1 or other channels, be presented by the presenter on BBC News – thus saving on more presenters and studio space!
– We keep seeing Sports Bulletins on BBC News – so why do they need extra presenters in Manchester for BBC Breakfast or the studios for news bulletins/shows? All sport straight out of the Sports Desk they use on BBC News
– Keeping with the Sports theme, why have BBC1 and BBC2 interrupted with Sports events? With us now in a Digital/Freeview world and BBC3 and BBC4 sat doing nothing all day until 7pm – why can’t the BBC turn this into the dedicated Sports channel plus incorporate the Sports Desk too?
– We have great local and regional teams around the UK – why are the BBC investing more here? We are seeing community fund raising taking place to raise money to fund local radio and television but why? If the BBC gave this space over to them, then:-
  1. They would help train these people
  2. By training these people – identify new talent for local BBC
  3. Make sure the space is in constant use and been used
  4. BBC will be helping to fund and create local community news

The above are just four quick ideas as to how they can make themselves more involved with the local community upwards…..


What about wastage……..

Time has come for the BBC to actually stop paying over inflated salaries, travel and hotel bills and start using local talent!!
If the main presenters want the work, then they should move — that is what happens in the real world and the BBC is a business and should start behaving like one! The paying of staff to travel up and present shows in Manchester for one or two days (or more) plus their accommodation – just because they are a “name” clearly shows they are out of touch with how you run a  business!!
If you get a job, the company may pay temporary accommodation until you find a place or give you a resettlement grant, but that is it. You accepted the job knowing where it is – so like it and move! If not – there is plenty of people out there that will take the job! So, if this happens in the world of business (and this is what the BBC is after all), then why does the BBC see themselves above everyone else?
The amount of money that the BBC is spending on these over-inflated egos/salaries plus travel and accommodation, could easily see the BBC recruit many more presenters and actually start re-investing in the local community. The BBC over the last ten years have really killed the aspect and ethos of local/community broadcasting that they excel in but they can’t see it! (All as highlighted above in those points!).
If they actually had local radio and television in each town, they would harvest the great talent of local (or want to be) reporters with local knowledge and connections that can be there for the scoops and live reporting. As these reporters develop and grow, they then have the opportunity to progress to regional and then possibly on to national and international reporting/presenting.
And this isn’t without starting working up the chain through the board and Trust with lots more ‘wood’ that could be chopped and salaries trimmed hugely too…….
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