And back…..

Well after a long period of writing for others under NDA’s and limitations on what I could write for myself – the shackles are now off and freedom to write and express my thoughts is allowed to run wild again….

Whilst writing for others and companies is interesting and rewarding – the ability of restrictions that are placed on yourself as to what you can and can’t do for yourself really holds you back from free expression not just about what’s happening now, but what you can see/envisage is going to happen.

This was even more frustrating during the Pandemic as I had so much write and deliver as my insights around the both Future of Work and Futurism – both delivering what back in 2019 and before would have been classic “pie in the sky thinking” actually became reality during 2020 and 2021 – now looks like it will become the normality in 2022 and beyond under what are calling The Hybrid Method of Working.

So moving forward, I’ll be writing across various platforms – which many would say I could condense into a single location in which I feel need to be separated in to / on to various platforms for various reasons which as you read them, I hope you’ll see why…..

Which platforms and why/what to expect….

Building Future CommunitiesBlogs and News – This will mostly be around Futurism, Future of Work, Smart Technology and Emerging Technologies

Ian M CalvertRead all about it – here are all my articles – This will be covering anything and everything where from a Personal PoV, Business viewpoint or Guest writing for other people/companies/organisations

LinkedInArticles – This is my views, thoughts and insights around the world of business

MediumIanMCalvert – These are articles which are thought provoking and for some, considered too mainstream for most blogging channels the readers won’t see both sides to the conclusion like I’ve done

The Social PiggyTails from the PigFarm – Having walked away from the world of Social Business after seeing so many class it as “Social Media” to make money out of businesses instead of helping them move forward, now is the time to be back

There are some other one’s too but I think Five are enough to be going on with but who knows, the above may expand….

All I can say, it’s great to be back and free of Corporate Ties and having the freedom to write and talk is an amazing feeling…..

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