HootUP’s- what are they?


Definition:- A HootUP is an event where people get together and network with each other whilst the event also hosts a couple of talks on different topics

(Note:- Well the above is not the dictionary or Hootsuite definition but ours)


Whether in-conjunction with a third party or not, a HootUP is hosted by either Hootsuite Ambassador or Hootsuite Partner as way of bringing people together who have an interest, love or work-related passion for Social and Digital Business.

These are free events put on to bring everyone together to discuss and share ideas. Which is further enhanced by explanations, demonstrations and overviews of how Hootsuite can help you with you with all your Social or Digital Business requirements.

Effectively it can create the environment of bringing to like minded Digital and Social professionals and hosted by local, knowledgeable and engaging Thought Leaders to within the local community that your business operates in. Think of it as Social or Digital Networking event amongst your local Peers – all of you who are like-minded, tech-savvy and socially-engaging too.


 So what does it cost or is involved?

 Well this is the best bit……


It’s FREE and with lots of promotion too by using the relevant hashtag – #HootUP**** (replacing the stars with your event name) – the event will be shared around Twitter by Hootsuite and various Hootsuite Ambassadors.

Plus as a bonus, Hootsuite will also provide a variety of HootSWAG for the attendees and each attendee will have an opportunity of claiming a 60 day FREE trial ot Hootsuite Pro and Hootsuite University as well.

Hootsuite Ammbassador EMEA - New User

Hootsuite Partner Program - Free to Pro

So, to learn more and how you can benefit from working with myself to host your HootUP, please complete the form below:-



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