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For a period of time, my people were asking myself, “why don’t you do Public Speaking” or “why don’t write articles or blogs about your thoughts and views” but I was reluctant too. I guess, when it comes to Public Speaking, I don’t like things being scripted and prefer to work with an audience and make it relevant to who they are, their views and what is happening that day or week in the world of Business and Technology. So when it comes to writing, it takes a lot of time and I try to do things myself without asking for help as sometimes I find it embarrassing due to missing words out or spelling when the piece I have written seems so perfect to myself but is actually down to a mild form of Dyslexia.

So, finally giving in back in 2012, I started to write – well only one in Public actually – and found that the people who had had asked myself to write for them, found them really helpful and useful. So, then in 2013, I decided I would start writing more frequently and decided not just to write here, but on other sites where I could get my posts seen by a wider audience.

For me, my writings are my personal points of views, outlooks and opinions and may be ones that not everyone will agree with but I have a point of view on this….

My writings may sound wrong or be in total disagreement with the person reading them, but what do you do when you are with someone Face to Face? The person or people who you are with, are asking for your opinions and you give them – so why don’t you do this with you your writing?

As a result of the articles I wrote throughout 2013, 2014 found myself being asked to write more articles and I even found myself been invited to events to give my opinions, take part in panels and even give talks as well as further writings elsewhere for other people or companies in their name (again, these aren’t shared due to the clients asking myself not to disclose them).

The one thing that I hadn’t appreciated was people wanting a history/overview of what I had done as well as wanting to know where I was writing and for who. Thus, I decided to go back over the articles and blogs I wrote and shared them here:-

2018 – Articles and Blogs

2017 – Articles and Blogs

2016 – Articles and Blogs

2015 – Articles and Blogs

2014 – Articles and Blogs

2013 – Articles and Blogs

2012 – Articles and Blogs

My blogs – a complete list of all my articles and blogs in one place……..

I decided to give you a complete running list of all my articles and blogs in one as well as breaking them down per year too. In placing these together, I actually re-read some of these and YEP – what happened? There was words missing, some bad grammar and spelling mistakes but hey I’m not perfect – I am just me! The one thing I will say, is at least I am open and honest having a mild form of Dyslexia and it is surprising how many people actually are in the same position too. So, if I could say one thing to you, please visit the British Dyslexia Association and see what they they do. It is also worth looking at the things they can do with you and your company in respect to screening and testing.

Another great thing I was pleased about, was speaking to LinkedIn towards the end of 2013, being told they would be opening up their Influencer Programme to enable all members to write their own articles. Therefore, I was asked to apply and I did so and got accepted in February 2014 with my facilities going live in March 2014 with me publishing my first article on the 21st March 2014. To date (during the remainder of 2014), I have wrote 39 articles which have been published via the LinkedIn Writing Programme with the number of views ranging from 55 (19th December 2014 – No 39) to 2589 (8th June 2014 – No 24).

I do hope you’ve found this page helpful and informative about not only why I write, but also a little bit more about myself….

Many thanks for taking the time to read this page…….

I trust you have found this page useful and the links to articles and blogs, also, if you wish to contact myself directly about them or would like me to contribute an article to your site or platform, please complete the form below….

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