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I thought I would give you a page where you can see all the blogs I have written this year. There will be some blogs that I will have written this year that won’t be listed and the reason for this, is that will have been wrote for other people or companies who do not wish to disclose I have written these articles/blogs for them.

So, as a way to help you easily see what I have written, I have put together this page so you are able to see all my writings and then feel free to comment on them. The oldest writings are at the bottom and the newest at the top.

If you wish to see all my articles/blogs in one location, they are all listed here or just want to learn more about my writing’s, please visit “Read – The Story”.

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2015 – December

2015-12-30 – MediumInvestigate, Practice now Action — 2014 to 2016….

2015-12-22 – LinkedIn Author’s PageLinkedIn – Good or Bad? Are you seeing the bigger picture?

2015-12-31 – Ian M Calvert  – LinkedIn – Good or Bad? Or are you just being advised/educated incorrectly?

2015-12-30 – MediumAre you confused by the latest buzzwords in your meetings?

2015-12-22 – LinkedIn Author’s PageCloud, Tech & the IT Future – is your IT Team telling you the whole story?

2015-12-11 – LinkedIn Author’s Page“Who’s who” in your company as seen on LinkedIn by your audience….

2015-12-11 – MediumWill you be really Socially Engaged this holiday season?

2015-12-10 – LinkedIn Author’s PageHootsuite….why should I bother?

2015-12-09 – LinkedIn Author’s PageAre Recruiters really understanding LinkedIn?

2015-12-07 – LinkedIn Author’s PageAre you and your colleagues really using LinkedIn?

2015-12-05 – MediumChasing popular trends to gain extra publicity….

2015-12-03 – LinkedIn Author’s Page“The #NewWayToWork arrives here at LinkedIn…” – Part Two….the fall out……

2015-12-02 – LinkedIn Author’s PageThe #NewWayToWork arrives here at LinkedIn…

2015 – November

2015-11-26 – Medium#NewWayToEngage — are you ready to adapt?

2015-11-20 – LinkedIn Author’s Page#NewWayToWork comes to the UK….

2015-11-17 – Ian M Calvert  – Do you just Post, Post, Post or are you using the Social Engagement element of The Social Family?

2015-11-16 – Ian M Calvert  – Have you being blogging much?

2015-11-16 – MediumHas Technology killed Customer Service?

2015-11-12 – MediumWho is your real Influencer?

2015-11-09 – MediumDeveloping your community or just doing as you’re being sold too?

2015-11-09 – LinkedIn Author’s PageIs the world of Social showing we are changing the way we engage?

2015-11-07 – MediumEE are a great innovating and technical company but……

2015-11-06 – Ian M Calvert  – With The Changes Come Changes But Are You Changing?

2015-11-06 – MediumAre you truly bringing your company into The Social Family?

2015-11-02 – MediumIs the word of Social showing we are changing the way we engage?

2015 – October

2015-10-29 – LinkedIn Author’s PageDoes the Pay Wall and Media Advertising have a place or not?

2015-10-29 – LinkedIn Author’s PageIs Broadband in the UK stable enough to replace ISDN?

2015-10-29 – MediumSocial — why aren’t more people using The Social Family?

2015-10-29 – LinkedIn Author’s Page – Who’s problem is your Social?

2015-10-21 – MediumDelivering your message through Social? But how, where and why?

2015-10-19 – MediumSocial is Social but are you engaging with Social?

2015-10-17 – MediumWhere are Recruiters? In the past, present or future?

2015-10-14 – MediumAre you bringing Education into your LinkedIn Engagement?

2015-10-13 – MediumWho should lead the way? The customer or the seller?

2015-10-12 – MediumThrow that curve ball……

2015-10-09 – MediumHas Sharon White just pushed the UK back years and shown she is out of touch?

2015-10-07 – MediumFinance enters Technology and becomes #FinTech but are you still in analogue mode with paper?

2015-10-06 – MediumHashtags — are you promoting them to your audience?

2015 – September

2015-09-09 – LinkedIn Author’s PageLinkedIn bringing Education and Business closer..

2015-09-09 – LinkedIn Author’s PageHave You Looked Relationships Within Your Company

2015-09 -09 – MediumEE – Are We About to See Them Demise into a Quick Death With BT?

2015 – August

2015 – July

2015-07 -28 – MediumCan You save For a Holiday and Make Money Off Your Holiday too?

2015-07-27 – Ian M Calvert  – Have you seen their Toolbox? Do you know what’s it?

2015-07 -27 – MediumAre You With A One Track Pony?

2015-07 -27 – The Social Piggy – Do you have a Toolbox and are you using it right?

2015-07 -23 – MediumWhy the BBC needs to change……

2015-07-22 – Ian M Calvert  – Why the BBC needs to change…….

2015-07 -21 – MediumIt’s not posting a link, text or an update…..

2015-07 -16 – MediumAre you linking Education into your LinkedIn?

2015-07 -15 – MediumEngagement is KEY! There is more to Social than just post, post, post….

2015-07 -14 – MediumLinkedIn – it’s takes more than setting up a profile….

2015-07-10 – LinkedIn Author’s Page – Are Recruiters actually changing with the times and LinkedIn?

2015-07-08 – LinkedIn Author’s Page – Why and how Bloomberg can really shape the of Business in the UK

2015-07-06 – LinkedIn Author’s Page – Hootsuite – is it just a platform?

2015-07-06 – Ian M Calvert  – Why Bloomberg can really shape the way business operates in the UK over the next 18 months

2015-07-04 – Ian M Calvert  – Hootsuite – is it just a platform?

2015 – June

2015-06 -26 – MediumDid you know what the perception of the news really is?

2015-06-25 – LinkedIn Author’s Page – Print Media – are you still here? Do we need you?

2015-06 -25 – Medium“Measurement is Key” but are you allowing measurement?

2015-06-23 – LinkedIn Author’s Page – Is the noise of email marketing coming to an end…..

2015-06-15 – LinkedIn Author’s Page – Is your business marketing 24/7?

2015-06-10 – Ian M Calvert  – Part 1 of “Are you wanting more than just a Social Business platform?”

2015 – May

2015 – April

2015-04-24 – Ian M Calvert  – Big companies are really missing the point! Oh and opportunities too….

2015-04-07 – Service Address – Taking advantage of offers….

2015 – March

2015-03-26 – LinkedIn Author’s Page – Now you need to be Mobile……

2015-3-24 – LinkedIn Author’s Page – Why you need to change and be Mobile

2015-03-23 – LinkedIn Author’s Page – Is it time to change your C-Suite?

2015-03-23 – Service Address – Does Your Business Have The Owl…..

2015-03-18 – Ian M Calvert  – Microsoft Drops New Windows 10 Build, Promises Faster Updates

2015-03-18 – LinkedIn Author’s Page – Adverts are DEAD as the cable is cut?

2015-03-18 – Ian M Calvert  – Are you really moving forward?

2015-03-03 – Service Address – Banking, Education and Legal failing…..

2015 – February

2015-02-19 – LinkedIn Author’s Page – As an Industry – Do You Think You Have a Simple Easy Image?

2015-02-19 – Service Address – Can survival via collaboration in the Legal World work?

2015-02-19 – LinkedIn Author’s Page – It’s not just the BBC but businesses in general

2015-02-05 – Ian M Calvert  – Change is coming but are you ready?

2015-02-04 – Service Address – How the Legal Profession can move forward…..

2015-02-04 – Ian M Calvert  – Marketing is changing but are you focused on this?

2015-02-02 – Social Media Club  – Social Business and Social Selling

2015 – January

2015-01-23 – LinkedIn Author’s Page – Are you factoring the future into the present?

2015-01-23 – Service Address – Business is changing but are you ready for the change?

2015-01-21 – LinkedIn Author’s Page – Klout, is this something you value?

2015-01-21 – Service Address – Businesses that can help us, Bloomberg?

2015-01-15 – Ian M Calvert  – 12 days and all that…..


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