My blogs during 2016……..

I thought I would give you a page where you can see all the blogs I have written this year. There will be some blogs that I will have written this year that won’t be listed and the reason for this, is that will have been wrote for other people or companies who do not wish to disclose I have written these articles/blogs for them.

So, as a way to help you easily see what I have written, I have put together this page so you are able to see all my writings and then feel free to comment on them. The oldest writings are at the bottom and the newest at the top.

If you wish to see all my articles/blogs in one location, they are all listed here or just want to learn more about my writing’s, please visit “Read – The Story”.

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Many thanks

Ian Calvert


2016 – October

2016-10-13 – LinkedIn Author’s Page#Thinkmarketing is key in your business today but are you ignoring it?

2016-10-12 – LinkedIn Author’s PageRecruiters need to focus on Engagement…

2016-10-12 – MediumSainsbury’s using Argos to meet the #NewWayToWork?

2016-10-05 – MediumWhy Chambers are no longer meeting the need of local businesses…..

2016 – September 

2016-09-19 – Ian M Calvert  – Is Innovation just Destruction in disguise?

2016-09-19 – LinkedIn Author’s PageAre you embracing #THINKmarketing yet?

2016-09-12 – LinkedIn Author’s PageWhere’s your company information, services, products or history?

2016 – July 

2016-07-27 – LinkedIn Author’s PageShort-term LinkedIn win over a sustainable long-term Digital/Social future?

2016-07-27 – beBee – Are you looking for a quick win or building a long term history based business?

2016-07-08 – Service Address – Your Network – Detection and Prevention…..

2016-07-08 – The Social PiggyInstagram – do you take or do you engage?

2016-07-04 – MediumIt’s not the end but it is the beginning with Brexit…..

2016 – June 

2016-06-24 – beBee – Are you still stuck in the past of Social Media?

2016-06-24 – LinkedIn Author’s PageNow it’s time for us to put Great back into Great Britain……

2016-04-14 – MediumAnd it’s not just age being ignored but experience too…..

2016-06-13 – LinkedIn Author’s PageThe foundation is now laid…..

2016-06-08 – beBee – You’re a Millennial – I don’t think so…….

2016-06-08 – The Social PiggySo why aren’t you SoLoMo yet?

2016-06-01 – IBM – Advertising or Talking?

2016 – May

2016-05-27 – beBee – So you are online – but are you? How did you get there?

2016-05-12 – The Social PiggyIt’s not numbers – it’s engagement……

2016-05-12 – Tumblr – Are you actually getting what you want?

2016 – April

2016-04-19 – Tumblr – Recruiters – are they for real?

2016-04-11 – Tumblr – Experts – really?

2016-04-06 – MediumYour Resume or CV — can they compete against your online position?

2016-04-04 – Tumblr – Do we really want to pay or subscribe?

2016 – March

2016-03-21 – LinkedIn Author’s PageCould Estate/Letting Agents be holding back Tech growth?

2016-03-18 – MediumRecruiters — time to get with Technology and be “on-game” today not in the future!

2016-03-14 – MediumAre you shouting your message in an empty room?

2016-03-04 – The Social Piggy – Email – are you still using it and sending it correctly?

2016-03-02 – MediumWhat? Community Manager? Do I need one?

2016-03-01 – Service Address – Are these industries not recognising they are real Innovators?

2016-03-01 – The Social Piggy – Hints and Tails – Instagram…..

2016 – February

2016-02 -29 – The Social Piggy – Social Selling via your real Advocates and Ambassadors…..

2016-02-29 – MediumRecruiters — where are you?

2016-02-29 – LinkedIn Author’s PageSocial is 24/7 yet brands switch off at weekends – why?

2016-02-27 – MediumRecruiters — do you really exist for your candidates or just your wallet?

2016-02 -27 – The Social Piggy – Co-Location Working – how it is a BIG bonus for you……

2016-02-26 – LinkedIn Author’s PageOut with the old and in with the new of Social Selling…..

2016-02-08 – SombreroFrom Zero to Social Media Hero

2016 – January

2016-01-22 – MediumYour brand is key to recruiting but…..

2016-01-22 – LinkedIn Author’s PageConnected but only for 20 months and it’s gone…

2016-01-11 – MediumRecruitment — it’s changing but Recruiters are ignoring this…..

2016-01-11 – LinkedIn Author’s PageFinTech can be your future but isn’t it already?

2016-01-11 – Ian M Calvert  – FinTech – how Finance has embraced Social Relationships