My blogs during 2018……..

I thought I would give you a page where you can see all the blogs I have written this year. There will be some blogs that I will have written this year that won’t be listed and the reason for this, is that will have been wrote for other people or companies who do not wish to disclose I have written these articles/blogs for them.

So, as a way to help you easily see what I have written, I have put together this page so you are able to see all my writings and then feel free to comment on them. The oldest writings are at the bottom and the newest at the top.

If you wish to see all my articles/blogs in one location, they are all listed here or just want to learn more about my writing’s, please visit “Read – The Story”.

Also, if you wish to contact myself directly about them or would like me to contribute an article to your site or platform, please complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Many thanks

Ian Calvert



2018 – June 

2018-06-28 – LinkedIn – Councils need to take back Apprenticeships and Apprenticeship Programmes in order to make their Community survives……

2018-06-04 – Ian M Calvert  – We need to think ahead….

2018-06-04 – Building Future Communities  – Looking at Council failings…….

2018 – May

2018-05-30 – LinkedInInfluencers – a Marketing Ploy or a Real Thing

2018 – April

2018-05-30 – LinkedIn – If you really want to know how to use LinkedIn….

2018 – March

2018 – February

2018 – January