Influencers through time……..

My Influencer’s through the year’s…….

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As we go through life – whether personally or in business – people enter our lives and make changes that help to inspire us, so, here is my lists through the years…..


6th January 2016


7th January 2015


1st August 2014

 5th March 2014


28th November 2013

 (to learn more about what made me produce this section click here or to understand what I consider to be influencers click here)

As you will note, I add and remove people from time to time. If I have removed someone from my list, it is not because they aren’t an Influencer any more, is just that they have not had an impact on myself since the list was produced or help impart knowledge to myself…..

For further information, on myself Ian Calvert or to contact me directly, please click here, or simply complete the form below to raise any points……


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