Are you listening BBC……. Hello…….. Hello……..

When starting out in business, do you do any research? Or do you just provide what you WANT to your customers (or prospective customers) for them to buy?

In some aspects, provide is right and correct. Such as being a restaurant. You have to provide food for people to come and eat, otherwise why would you open a restaurant?

Or say a rental garage, you have cars but people then ask for estates or vans, so you add these to your fleet. So, by listening, you expanded from cars to cars (hatchbacks, saloons and estates) and vans.

With such a long history of broadcasting, you would think that the BBC would have listened and provided a common platform to deliver the required solution? From the early days of radio broadcasting – which was pioneering – things have evolved but it seems that the BBC haven’t!!!

Yes you – the BBC – gave us radio and provided a news service which what we needed and then followed it by adding entertainment but that was over 70 years ago and you haven’t learnt! Or have you but lost control?

Take a look at what has happened last night (Friday 28th June 2013), people were complaining by using hashtags of #BBCGlasto and #Glastonbury to comment on the BBC coverage and it’s presenters. Why? Well it is simple – advertise one thing and produce or show another! Until the Arctic Monkeys came on at 11.00pm all previous shows where from the afternoon and early evening but nothing live! The use of your “Red button” was on and off – why not constantly on?

The BBC stated that it had learnt from the Olympics and was using this to provide “Digital Glastonbury” but this simply was not the case. The BBC has an unrivaled position in broadcasting my opinion but they just aren’t using it. Take for example BBC three – this channel only broadcasts after 7.00pm yet why? Today is a prime example of what could be done:-

– this morning showing highlights of everything that was performed last night

– this afternoon live coverage

– this evening live coverage

But this doesn’t just stop there, with Digital Television being available, the use of the “Red button”, you can provide lots more too to offer people the choice of watching different stages and then you have radio too, where Radio One could provide complete live coverage too together replays of yesterday performances.

Is this possible? Well, that is why above I stated “Or have you but lost control?” and the reason for this is Glastonbury – a dedicated programme channel that the BBC have set up on the radio section of their website. Alternatively, if you go to iPlayer Radio on their website, you can download their radio app for your mobile phone or tablet. Both of these methods are providing methods of you watching live, listening live, watching recordings, listening to recordings or watching and listening to interviews.

Guess what BBC – the younger generation plus people knowing how internet facilities work are utilising these and you are providing them! Do you know what your different divisions are doing? And this is without including BBC1xtra and BBC6music!

If you are to keep up with the ever-changing, fast-moving world of technology, you need to start delivering what your client base want. You need to listen, learn and deliver. If you can do this on-line, make sure you replicate it as you clearly can – remember the Olympics? You did utilise all the channels and time slots to do deliver this – so why not now…….

Just a thought or you will really disappear and get life behind in this new age of technology…..

Obama injured, White House attacked, News story, Social Media – which one of them is true or accurate?

So Financial Regulators allowed for Social Media to be used in sharing and communicating with investors a few weeks back, and now AP get’s hacked!

Via the BBC

Via Sky –

Hacked AP 2013 04 24

A paper reviewer on BBC World News this morning, wondered/speculated that maybe this hacker was to hijack the market and make a killing on the stock market – why this assumption or conspiracy theory?

At the end of the day everything is done with the stock market based on results which have to be produced, checked and verified and the same with the news. It is rare that the major story are reported incorrectly – ok, there maybe part of a story that in-correct – and when news was reported via bulletins, we all believed it as it would have been checked prior to release.

Now we have rolling 24 hour news, whilst the main news item is correct, some broadcasters do get caught up on/in the tide of hearsay or gossips from eye-witnesses or nowadays, reports from Social Media, which may not 100% accurate but at least the main body of the story is true.

So, after the attack on AP’s Twitter account overnight and the Tweet being posted say that The White House had been attacked and Barack Obama was injured, the Dow Jones went into a bit of a free-fall/panic by 0.9% before recovering just as quickly. So, if AP is hacked and the market’s panic, is this an example of over reliance on Social Media? Why are we this reliant on it? Why were the markets’ allowed to react on this news without verification? Was it because it came from AP – an organisation people in the know or senior positions always rely on – and thus so it must be true? Or it could be said that each news agency is always wanting to outdo each other, whether it be AP, Reuters, BBC, Sky and Fox amongst many others, so we just rely on the first organisation to report it without checking with others…

If we are to be part of a faster moving world all fueled by our self-reliance based on Social Media – how do we monitor and regulate it? Can we regulate within our company’s environment? Gossip, hearsay, a bad report, can have a massive effect on your business at least 10 times more than good news that you may want to report. How do we regulate this within our company as what are you regulating?

–       If you are hacked, was it because your password was not correct in security terms – well can anything?

–       Can we make all company news via just one channel? But does that mean we only tweet/update/report at certain times but it comes across as infrequent or impersonal?

–       Could we take out insurance against this? Yes we could, but whilst this may cover us and our clients – how do you cover, protect and value damage to your reputation this could cause?

So, interaction is key through this article and the story behind it, but we need to decide on how we move forward. After all, we all are part this tide and we can make a difference, by thinking about what we do and working together to educate each other – or can we?

People are too often too quick to jump on other’s and criticise them without working together and trying understand what that person was saying or trying to explain. So, before you open your mouth or place your fingers on the keyboard, make sure you see the wider picture not see it as a chance to self promote yourself or company!

We can all use Social Media to create a better environment by working together, so let us be a community of one sharing information, support and help thus making our on-line community, one of not just trust but support and assistance to our on-line family.