Are you a taker? Do you ever share? Are you Engaging?

Are you really an Engager?

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If I asked your clients or followers – would they say are a Giver, Taker or an actually Engager?

So when trying to educate yourself – do you use Social Media?

Facebook? Google+? LinkedIn? Twitter?

One of the key things about establishing yourself or your company via any of the Social Media platforms, is to create “Engagement”. This interaction called “Engagement” is a two-way thing, however, within the Social Media environment it can be one-sided, none more so than when people seem to reach the top and become “Influencer’s” or “Expert’s”!!

I thought I may just explain about “Engagement” and how it can (or should I say) work. When “Engagement” takes place, it is because two people interact between each other. The interaction is where you make exchanges and communicate, thus “Engaging” in discussion on a variety of topics. The “Engagement” process is directly between two people directly thus creating a partnership….

However, within the medium that is Social Media, the process of “Engagement” seems to take two strands, depending on where you are and what you are doing. Let me explain this via a split explanation:-

– When you are small (ie you have ten’s or hundred’s of followers and you follow them back (ie matching one to one of followers to following), you talk and exchange information regularly. You may not do it on every point, but if you are on-line ( or if using lists* ) then you interact with these people in real-time based on the messages or status updates you see. This is just like  “Engagement” and is at the top – so you could first layer interaction. You may even get some comments from the connections of your first layer – thus these are your second and third layers. Thus, the more and more interaction, the better you can gain rankings through platforms like Klout** and Kred** to increase your scores. Most people with good interaction always levitate between 45 and 60 using Klout** scoring.


– If you look at the larger people with the Social Media industry, (i.e people with thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers), have you noticed how many they follow back? Sometimes it is less than 2,000 but most of the time 1,000. Or in some cases, some of these “Influencer’s” or “Expert’s” actually do follow back one to one. Now the way most of these people engage, is by sharing information with you which you then share and then your connections share too. Thus the first, second and sometimes third layers share this information which is creating their “Engagement”.

Now, the interaction of the lower layers circulating and sharing the information is creating the “Engagement”, which leads to creating positive influencing scores on Klout** or Kred**. Furthermore, whilst you maybe following them (and they might be following you back), have you actually noticed if they ever re-tweet or comment on your posts? Yes, it could be said they have many followers and can’t reply to every message, but how many do they actually reply to? Take a look, look at some of the people you follow and their timeline, how many of their messages are Re-Tweets or replies to people? Is this really “Engagement” if they are not interacting? Isn’t this one-sided?

So what should be thinking or doing?

The process of “Engagement” is the main key to getting everything set in place is to help you and your business grow. The main key is “Engagement” – you must engage to develop and keep being fresh. Too many people just constantly post, re-post and never engage – just think of doing that in your business, what would happen if you just communicated one way and never listened to your clients or prospective clients? You wouldn’t have a business at all – do you know of or can name a business with no interaction that is in business?

Whilst following influential people on Twitter or liking and following their pages on Facebook, may provide nuggets of information which are educational and help you to learn things, is this the right way forward? Did you ever learn anything at school, college or university by being just spoken too or receiving dictation without being able to ask questions back? No you didn’t – so the real position is to make sure you surround yourself with people you can communicate with on a regular basis – after-all communication is a two-way street……does this remind you of something?


So, whilst it may not always be possible, let me give you a few helpful hints and tips:-


  • When people start following your page, always send them a thank you
  • If people like a comment, you may not be able to thank everyone back, but post a thank you message so the interaction is seen and they know that you are seeing the likes
  • Comments, try to reply to the comments on the post that people put there. As after-all they could be your next paying client or through the exchange of comments, you may learn something which can help you grow and succeed more.


  • When people start ask to connect with you, when you accept, send them a thank you and introduction message explaining about yourself
  • If someone ask’s to connect with you, wonder why they are doing it? They are obviously wanting to connect for a reason but why? So, why don’t you accept them and then send them a message, thanking them for asking to connect with you and why they wanted to connect? When they reply, you can then make the judgement as to whether to retain them as a connection
  • When you see a post that you like or find interesting, why not share it with your connections, as if you find it useful, they may too. When you share this, be sure to include the name of the person you are sharing it from. This creates “Engagement” and shows your connections where you are learning from
  • If your sharing something or you find it of interest, like it and/or comment on it as this will create “Engagement” with that person and their connections will see you and may wish to connect with you – these connections could become your connections and future clients


  • Twitter is all about posting and sharing information – so if people share (ie Re-Tweet) your posts, thank them thus you are creating “Engagement”
  • If people comment on one of your posts, then reply to them and start engaging
  • If people follow you, always thank them for following and it shows you are communicating and engaging with them

All these points I have mentioned are all about communicating and thus you are creating “Engagement” with your audience which is your first layer and become to form part of your Circle of Influence.

So, if you are wanting to expand your Circle of Influence and develop further interaction with your audience, then start the interaction process and communicate.

You will have noticed (and probably said, not that word again) but look at the title – Are you a taker? Do you ever share? Are you Engaging? – this whole post has been about “Engagement” which is the key buzz word and what you should be doing during. Therefore, make sure you start 2014 by……………..



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Is it time for an “Engagement” or do you hide away…….

One of the interesting things that we do when we go to breakfasts or lunches, is talk to someone and explain what we do, to each other……………………

You may talk about many things to that person but during the event/occasion, you will speak to many people and for instance, let’s take just one person…..

  • Now besides what they say and the business card you may receive, do you actually take this card due to being polite?
  • Or because you want to sell to them?
  • Or maybe buy from them?

Sometimes all you do is pay lip service and in the majority of cases, you don’t actually do much with their details (that is if you don’t leave it on the table) – be honest, am I right?

So, on this occasion, you take the card, do you actually do anything when you leave with the information? I guess if you do, you add it to your database and use their information to market and hopefully sell to them. You have more than this option you know – or do you?

Have you thought of engagement process?

The main area that majority of us don’t utilise is the “Engagement Process” which is one of the biggest forms of the generating a revolving sales cycle and this we can call the “Prospective Sale”

So how does the “Engagement Process” and “Prospective Sale” work? Simple it is all about creating the engagement between two prospective parties…

There you are, sat in your office, thinking of how to target that company that is sat on your prospective list but something is holding you back but you aren’t sure what it is.

So with them being a prospect, you have done all your homework on the company and you know what they do and what they purchase roughly. (Well all companies have to buy stationary, utilities, materials for what their product ranges are, etc, etc). Now this train of thought has now produced one side of the engagement – do you see where  I am going????

At your next business breakfast, lunch or evening event make sure you speak to and engage in conversation with as many people as you can to learn about them and their business (always best to try to have a pen to hand here), ask for their card, make the first move and take it. It doesn’t matter whether they can be a client of your’s or not, but with that, make a note on it as to what they are saying and think which we one of your prospective clients (remember what we did above about understanding what your prospective client does and buys?) could either sell to that person or buy from them.

Do you see what you have done?

You have found the other person in the engagement!

Well done you…..

So, you have the two parties in mind and now you need to get them engaged. How do engage them – simple….


All you need to do is write an email to the person you are thinking of and say….

“I was at breakfast (lunch/dinner) today/yesterday and met X from company Z and they were telling me all about what they did. When I got back to the office and remembered you mentioning to me about Y and thought that it would be worth you both chatting.  So I have included X in on this email to introduce you both – a form of on-line networking I guess – so you both can have chat. Hope the introduction works well for you both…..”

See, you have created the engagement process and got the two parties engaged. Then (if it has happened before) either pick up the phone (or if you aren’t sure – call them) and see how they got on with X from company Z. Then, towards the end of conversation mention about being in the area next week (or say a fortnight) and wondered if you could pop in for a coffee?

What you have done, it has got both those sides engaged with one another and thus in turn built yourself some credibility with that company (and also X from company Z), so when you are looking to sell to them, hopefully they are more open and willing to discuss things with you.

With helping to get two parties involved in the Engagement Process, you have created the Prospective Sale – in summary, never dismiss a company that has turned you down and don’t dismiss a company selling to you as these two parties being engaged with each other could always lead to the Prospective Sale you are looking for….