Is it time for an “Engagement” or do you hide away…….

One of the interesting things that we do when we go to breakfasts or lunches, is talk to someone and explain what we do, to each other……………………

You may talk about many things to that person but during the event/occasion, you will speak to many people and for instance, let’s take just one person…..

  • Now besides what they say and the business card you may receive, do you actually take this card due to being polite?
  • Or because you want to sell to them?
  • Or maybe buy from them?

Sometimes all you do is pay lip service and in the majority of cases, you don’t actually do much with their details (that is if you don’t leave it on the table) – be honest, am I right?

So, on this occasion, you take the card, do you actually do anything when you leave with the information? I guess if you do, you add it to your database and use their information to market and hopefully sell to them. You have more than this option you know – or do you?

Have you thought of engagement process?

The main area that majority of us don’t utilise is the “Engagement Process” which is one of the biggest forms of the generating a revolving sales cycle and this we can call the “Prospective Sale”

So how does the “Engagement Process” and “Prospective Sale” work? Simple it is all about creating the engagement between two prospective parties…

There you are, sat in your office, thinking of how to target that company that is sat on your prospective list but something is holding you back but you aren’t sure what it is.

So with them being a prospect, you have done all your homework on the company and you know what they do and what they purchase roughly. (Well all companies have to buy stationary, utilities, materials for what their product ranges are, etc, etc). Now this train of thought has now produced one side of the engagement – do you see where  I am going????

At your next business breakfast, lunch or evening event make sure you speak to and engage in conversation with as many people as you can to learn about them and their business (always best to try to have a pen to hand here), ask for their card, make the first move and take it. It doesn’t matter whether they can be a client of your’s or not, but with that, make a note on it as to what they are saying and think which we one of your prospective clients (remember what we did above about understanding what your prospective client does and buys?) could either sell to that person or buy from them.

Do you see what you have done?

You have found the other person in the engagement!

Well done you…..

So, you have the two parties in mind and now you need to get them engaged. How do engage them – simple….


All you need to do is write an email to the person you are thinking of and say….

“I was at breakfast (lunch/dinner) today/yesterday and met X from company Z and they were telling me all about what they did. When I got back to the office and remembered you mentioning to me about Y and thought that it would be worth you both chatting.  So I have included X in on this email to introduce you both – a form of on-line networking I guess – so you both can have chat. Hope the introduction works well for you both…..”

See, you have created the engagement process and got the two parties engaged. Then (if it has happened before) either pick up the phone (or if you aren’t sure – call them) and see how they got on with X from company Z. Then, towards the end of conversation mention about being in the area next week (or say a fortnight) and wondered if you could pop in for a coffee?

What you have done, it has got both those sides engaged with one another and thus in turn built yourself some credibility with that company (and also X from company Z), so when you are looking to sell to them, hopefully they are more open and willing to discuss things with you.

With helping to get two parties involved in the Engagement Process, you have created the Prospective Sale – in summary, never dismiss a company that has turned you down and don’t dismiss a company selling to you as these two parties being engaged with each other could always lead to the Prospective Sale you are looking for….

Out of your depth……

I had someone send me this morning and I decided to share it on Facebook which generated a good discussion, so after a few comments this afternoon on other topics, I thought I would share this here and share a few comments…..

How many Social Media consultants does it take to change a light bulb?


“Look, if all you’re thinking about is changing the light bulb, you’re missing the point. The idea is to first lurk around in the room and watch other people changing light bulbs.

Then, start providing commentary and encouragement to those that are changing light bulbs. Then, build relationships with these people in the lighting community.

Then – and only then, should you even think about trying to change the light bulb.”

So, the comments that came back included:-

  • Or just pinch the lightbulb changing technique and promote it as your own …..
  • Publish books about it, have weekly webinars, call yourself a guru and use buzz words baffling the other even smaller fish in the tiny pond you fish in. All that without actually having done it yourself in any remarkable way.
  • Don’t get me on the fish pond! It’s polluted!
  • I wish I was joking but fact is that you’ll always find people who can be impressed with the veneer presented. Utter lack of integrity with quite a few and I honestly can’t understand how some people say things with a straight face.
  • Oh yes, purport to be successful yet scratch the surface and you find nothing at all to back it up!
  • Just be yourself! Generally people can spot BS at a mile radius!
  • Sadly however people are sucked in … The money just goes round and round. There’s more than one where you’d think they are living in luxury, with expensive cars, holidays and glam life style .. The reality being far from it.
  • Oh for sure – I see it all the time! Most of these ‘so called experts!!’
  • Entrepreneurs are usually in debt up to their eyeballs – trying to impress others with this false status & kudos. It totally baffles me!

The comments above, got me thinking about this, especially following on from my last post! Also, I then saw many tweets appear together with posts on Facebook from various platforms (I must admit to also been guilty of this too!!!) where people are posting their Daily News from or Scoop It, to name but a few…..why?

Clearly by posting these, yes you are sharing information! Yes you are potentially expanding your audience! But….oh wait a minute – is this not a form of deceit like mentioned above?

Just think about the above and how you are you sharing things……that is right, you are not! When you set these feeds up, you are asked what interests you and then they pull items and articles from the internet and share them on your behalf! So, is this deceit? Fraud? Misleading?

If you were asked about these posts but you (as you most likely haven’t seen it or read) as you didn’t put it together, wouldn’t know what it said or was this is fake, misleading…..etc……this is not engaging with your audience – is it?

So, think about what you are doing when posting because if you get asked you could end up looking silly or even will share it for you and then the recipients that see it, may ask you things because they think you are experienced in that area but you will end being found out and found to be out of your depth……