Are you really portraying the right image…….

One of the the first things when I go through a company overview with them, is whole persona and what they are trying to achieve and show to the world…….

And that starts with going through their Digital Footprint……

But the issue is they have had web designers, graphic designers, marketing advisors/coaches, Social Media trainers, attended seminars and events, etc, etc……the list just goes on and on and yet you’d be surprised how no know has said anything to them…….

Well that’s until I did and yep, I said it to them straight – no airs or graces, straight to the very point!!!

Why the hell have you invested in a website and then gone and used a Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc email address?

What is wrong with you?

You brought the website domain name – so use it!!

This is one of the most common mistakes going in the Self-Employed, SoHo, MicroBiz, SMB and SME business arenas – yet they say no one has told them????


Well actually yes I can believe this as the amount of Graphic Designers, Marketeers and Printers who just work with what they are given and never point out obvious things like this with the email just shows so many are just in it for the money!

I must admit I don’t have an email address for this site for the simple reason is it’s for my rants, raves, reviews, opinions and exploits as well some projects I’ve been involved in.

My emails that I do use are always connected to the domain the type of project/client I am working and that’s how I balance things, but for a business, you’ve a domain so use it fr your email……



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How to make your Digital footprint work for you….

Do you know your Digital Footprint?

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Are you really utilising your Digital Footprint to its full potential?

The interesting thing is that we set out with good intentions of using the platforms we sign up to but then after a while, one by one, we stop using them and fall back to maybe one or two, which nine times out of ten is Facebook or Facebook and Twitter.

Yet are these the best ones?

Do we think it is a matter of time that we don’t have to use all these?

The interesting thing, is that if you actually sit back and look at all the Social Media platforms you are connected too, you can make their usage actually work for you better and easier than you think…….

So here are a few tips to help you……..

By using say a “News Gathering” facility such as Scredible, you are able to gather all the latest news in one place and then either share them immediately or you can schedule them for a later time to share with your audience. Currently Scredible allow you to share via Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. With having email notifications switched on too, when people share or comment on these postings, you will be altered to them and so you can then respond when you are available.

Do you like to blog or have you considered blogging but are unsure where or how to start? Well a great way to get introduced to blogging is to utilise exploreb2b. exploreb2b is an ideal and easy way to get assistance with getting yourself known to a much wider audience. Why? Simple they help you! Once you have signed up and connected your networks – Facebook and Twitter – you are then ready to create your content. Once you have created your content you then just publish it and that is where the assistance starts…. How? Well they then will tweet this to their network of followers and in turn, these followers will assist by reading and sharing it. Depending on the article this can be done by many. Plus they will re-tweet it at later dates too.

Another way of sharing information across FacebookGoogle+LinkedIn and Twitter is to utilise Hootsuite. By using Hootsuite, you can share not just on these four platforms but also to Company Pages and Showcase Pages on there too. not just immediately but you can schedule them individually or via their bulk uploader too……

What next…..

Well I do hope those three helpful hints have helped you to consider about using more of your Digital Footprint and don’t think it is really time-consuming as it is only as difficult and time-consuming as you want to make it.

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