Are you Showcasing?

So does your business Showcase?

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With LinkedIn launching Showcase pages recently, have you implemented these into your business strategy yet? If not – why not?

The real benefit that many people have not seen or grasped yet, is how you can really develop so much of other parts of your business that you have or offer but people aren’t really aware of.

Showcasing enables you to allow people to really drill down into various ares of your company and can offer whilst you are able to promote aspects of your business you are always doing or offering but you just do or offer as a matter of course….

What are people missing?

What is there that a Showcase can offer?

Why should I have one?

Simple – it is you having the sole unique method of claiming what everyone is looking for via LinkedIn. When people are after something or looking for a service/product, they then search and what will they find? Your LinkedIn Showcase which gives you the advantage. Furthermore, your Showcase is showing not only about your services, offerings and products in a unique way but provides the latest news and information that details everything to your audience and your Peer’s too.

#IanCalvert #Ian-Calvert #IanMCalvert #Ian-M-Calvert #LinkedIn #ServiceAddress #Service-Address #ShowcasePages #Showcase-Pages

So what do you need to do? Firstly you need to have your Company Profile which is where you want everything, so when they require more information, people can see everything your company does and also, all information about the company too. If this is going back to a different section or part of your company, you may wish to consider setting up a separate Company Profile to suit your needs that you are promoting.

Once you have the Company Profile set up, then decide which area you want to promote and inform you audience about. (Remember, if you want to Showcase many areas of your business, you can have up to 10 Showcases attached to your Company Profile – should you wish more, then you can ask LinkedIn to release more). Your Showcase is effectively the landing page for what you are wanting to promote and circulate.

For example, let’s say you are a recruitment company and have your company page. You can have a Showcase on temporary employment and this will be your landing page about this. On your temporary employment Showcase, you will be able to post articles on everything to so with this, ranging from what is the latest laws, what is happening with regards to your rights, items that have been in the news relevant to temporary employment, etc, etc – furthermore, you can have an article on what to look for when looking to register with a recruitment company.

At the end of the day, you are not promoting your company directly but highlighting a part of your business by showcasing this area with the latest news and information on this topic. This helps you to develop much further as an Engager and Influencer, thus creating another level of credibility. Thus, in summary, you are highlighting an area of your industry which your company is well versed in and thus, subliminally guiding them back to your company.

Some examples of Showcase pages include:-

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Is content king? Has “Content Marketing” now come of age?

Is your content being Showcase‘d?

Well it has been nearly six weeks since certain companies were asked to trial Showcase pages then four weeks again before other companies were asked to trial them and then LinkedIn opened Showcase Pages up to all companies a fortnight ago, but what are they?

With more and more Professional People using LinkedIn not just as a networking or connection facility but also as a search and research platform, then information does really need to stand out. So with information and content becoming richer and richer, the aspect of Content Marketing within LinkedIn needed improving. So with LinkedIn having:-

something was needed to deliver a way of producing information that was relevant, rich and full of content – so, the marketing of what companies could offer was crucial. It had to be something where “Content Marketing” was king and beneficial to promoting that company’s services or products in a rich vein.

However, Companies could already just post new status updates or add/update Products and Services on their page but not a way of making something stand out that was rich in content. Thus, a focused facility was needed, which had all the aspects of a Company Page but was not only a sub-section of the Company Page whilst also being a page that stood out on its own. Hence Showcase Pages were created which where effectively sub-pages of the Company Page together with being able to deliver rich Content Marketing of products, programmes, services, etc via a direct link or page.

So, if your company has a wide range of products or portfolio of services which you want to promote separately, then Showcase is the solution. By being able to label your Showcase page with your specific name, wording or branding, people entering those in to the search bar on the LinkedIn page will be able to discover your Showcase page.

The building of a page which allows for focused content and a page which is rich of your Content Marketing creates a facility on a Social Networking platform which delivers greater visibility and the creation of deeper engagement between all parties – prospective client, client, customer and supplying company – which enhances and takes the brand to another level.

Examples of Showcase pages include:-

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