Are you taker or partner?

When it comes to business, you actually need to understand about engagement – which is something more and more people are missing these days.

One of the things that was very apparent from a conversation I had today, was that if people don’t engage, this person – I was discussing new business services with – doesn’t do business with them. I was pleased to hear this and what else he had to say, as it mirrored what I believed.

Too often people are just taking (and being offered this by their advisors, coaches & suppliers) what they are hearing and doing it themselves. The reason they do this, just amazes myself as they do not believe or understand about engagement, relationship building, business planning or development in my opinion!

If and when you meet with someone, why do you waste their time by explaining what you are wanting to achieve, let them explain what they can do for you, then let them offer you their services – if all you are going to do, is walk away taking their ideas and then moan when it doesn’t work?

The simple solution is that you are a “TAKER !! “

When these people go through things with you, they are providing you an insight NOT the solution! They don’t give you everything even though you think they have, because, you are missing one simple important thing – ENGAGEMENT !!

The person (and or company) you are dealing with, has layers, levels, connections and contacts that you don’t – therefore they are offering you the chance to PARTNER with them to use these to help you reach your goal! They are helping you to ENGAGE !!

So next time you go to meet someone to discuss how they can help your business (even ask this of the person/company you are currently using), don’t be a TAKER – be a PARTNER as you will soon discover how your PARTNER utilises their levels and networks to help ENGAGE to deliver your future…..


As one finishes, another one begins…..and into Quarter 1 or is it Quarter 2?

So, what do I write? Am I writing about what has occurred in Quarter 1 or was it Quarter 4?

Many people when writing always seem to relate to time in relation to the year, seasons and what is happening but sometimes may drop in the odd comment about quarters – yet what are quarters?

Well for me, I think quarters are driven by work however, they not only relate to work but our life yet these are not really discussed by many – why not? In every day of our life, everything we do is determined not only by the money we have but those around us and our country.

So, if things around us are driven by money, why don’t we pay more attention to the whole picture and not us being selfish towards thinking of just ourselves? Hence, we need to think of quarters in relation to work as this does really have a great impact on our everyday lives.

So in essence, why sit back and think in quarters? Is it because, yes we could think of months but what happens if a small thing can make a big change to what we are doing that month? Thus we end up behind schedule and then fighting to play catch up?

So by thinking months, we aren’t creating a leap into a quarter and once you have landed in that a quarter – you have created thirteen weeks of business scheduling and planning –┬áconfusing? Now you have taken your thirteen weeks, you work out where you want to be in week fourteen – have you done that? Still confused?

By thinking in quarters, you can plan more effectively and break things down from there and work backwards. Now you know where you need to be, do you know what you need to do? Write everything day from what you need to earn, to what needs doing, what sales must be made (especially if these sales are restricted by sell by dates), etc, etc, as a list and start working you way through them. That is setting your goals simply for the quarter and if something happens, the list is still there to work on the next day.

One important thing though, make sure you have put an item in week six for setting next quarters goals. Always do this around week six as this is vital to the next stage of your business. Not only is this important because you can hit next quarter running without having to work out what you need to do for that quarter but what happens when a list is finished?

Set your goals to be realistic and achievable – you could put in one or two that you know will take two or three-quarters (maybe more) to achieve – as you need to get them done and completed successfully within the thirteen weeks. Now if you are lucky to have done that, next quarter’s list is done in week six and is sat ready for you to start……

So just remember those 5p’s as they will focus you from days to weeks to months to quarters to half years to years……….welcome to the world and life of business………

This blog was brought to you in conjunction with “5P’s”……..






And before you say it – yes that is the polite business version of the 7P’s model……