Getting people to make decisions especially when there are loads of options!

This is such a relevant article that is so easy to replicate in our everyday life. Have you actually thought about how you implement FaB in what you do each and every day?

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True story. Last weekend my wife and I were having lunch in an Italian restaurant just off Leicester Square. Sitting behind us was a mom and dad with their young son who was just being offered one of the considerable number of ice creams for desert.

Mom wandered off so dad lists out a long string of options – the kid can’t decide so dad reads them out again with a pretty similar outcome.

Mom arrives back and says: “do you like strawberry over chocolate?” the lad opts for Strawberry “is that better than vanilla?” a nod of the head “well what about raspberry ripple?” thinks…. go on then. Decision made.

The difference between getting a decision and not often comes down to two things: –

  1. Using your knowledge to trim out unsuitable choices (mom knew he didn’t like half the options on the menu so didn’t bother to offer…

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