Is blogging or video something passing you by?

Are you or your company a Blogger?

Do you or your company post videos?

Online Blog

Do you blog or do you video?

How often do you do this?

What should I write or film about?

Whilst the above may be the questions that are going through your head and maybe making you hold back on the amount you do or putting you off starting, what you need to think about is more important than many may tell you…

Many Marketeers, Experts, Trainers or Advisors will say that you have to blog and you must put out videos to promote and sell yourself – if you don’t you will get left behind…

In my honest opinion, these people are really leading you down a potential one way street that doesn’t even always allow you to make a U-Turn to turn around and start again! Too many of these people are so stuck in the past of 2010 and 2012 – but making a living by telling you should be doing this – well fair play to them!

If they are making money, should they be making money at your expense and keeping you behind where you should be, so they can come back later move you slightly forward but never up to date or in to the future?

I guess the above may be OK for many or if are just wanting to tick along, but the many thing you should think about, is do I want to be a success and move forward and ahead of others instead?

If you actually look back, there was adverts here, there and everywhere, celebrities on or in every advert, constant promotions etc, etc but where are they now? The question you should be asking yourself is what am I seeing now?

Adverts have actually seen a decline in celebrities and a rise in members of the public talking about products, been shown the products or seeing them been demonstrated, offered to test or taste them – why? because people don’t want to be sold to anymore – hence the rise of asking to to be removed from mailing and telephoning lists. People want to learn. They want to be educated. They want to engage. Does this sound familiar to how you want to see and receive things?

So, think about how you want to see and receive things. Or, if you are really brave and forward thinking…..ask your children (and if you have them, ask your grandchildren)….this will be a real eye opener for you…

If you are brave enough to look at your business, how future generations to see your business and what they want, they you can start to market your business by laying foundations…..

Which takes us back to the beginning for this article…..

With your blogs and videos – think of them as your library. A reference library if you wish to think that way. Also, having a secondary channel for your videos as well a blog/page section which you can keep up dating, you then also have an area for testimonials too….

By having sections of education and client feedback, you are allowing people to learn more about your knowledge and how your knowledge has helped others, thus creating trusted path for your new prospective clients to take to use you or business….


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So are you a Facebook, Google+ or Yahoo person? Is Social Media becoming a three horse race?

Interesting announcement on the acquisition of New York based Tumblr by Silicon Valley based Yahoo for $1.1Billion via the BBC – is this good? “Internet giant / trailblazer (well it used to be) adding Tumblr to its current stable of its mail service and Flickr” equals a more “hip mini Google facility to the teen market”?

If you look at the current market environment, the younger market (of teenagers and twenty something’s) are leaving Facebook and avoiding Google Plus because it doesn’t suit their requirement – quick announcement facility, where have we heard this before? Oh, short burst messaging….

So, is this younger (well the real next generation of influencers’) voice happy with this? It would seem that they are not happy but all they are doing is voicing their concerns (remember that Google Plus slipped in these without many people voicing their objections) and will this make a difference? Mashable shows how opinion is divided on this matter, yet will it make a difference?

So we have Facebook with Instagram with no mail or blogging, Yahoo with their mail and Flickr” now has blogging via Tumblr all to rival the giant that is becoming Google+ which all ready contains mail, video and has Blogger but no real photo App!

Where does this leave WordPress and AOL vulnerable to Facebook? What does this mean for Pinterest too? If this did happen, that would leave a three-way street between Facebook, Google Plus and Yahoo – so are you covered on them all or have you chosen your desired platform only using this one method?

This year is going to be exciting with much more happening in 2014 – so are you ready?