Have you being blogging much?

I’m not sure if you are like me, but do you often get asked about your blogs?

For me, I’m asked fairly often about my blogs and where I write them, so hence, I decided to help my audience out with this blog on my blogs….

If you’d ask me a couple of years ago, I’d have said I’ve been playing at (and I admit this, as in the early days I didn’t have much faith in whether blogging works or not) blogging but that was until around 18 months ago, when I stepped it up and started writing a lot more – not just for myself, but on behalf of other people & companies under their names too.

Thus, more and more people have asked me if they could see my blogs, so, to make things easier, on this site, I’ve created a section called “Read My Story” (in the menu at the top of this page) where you can learn about my blogs and see them all listed. Therefore, in this section, you can see all my blogs, listed per year covering 2012, 2013, 2014 and this year – 2015. (I have also done a page listing all my blogs but this needs updating and I will get around to doing this soon – my apologies for not keeping this up to date).

So, I thought as we are around seven weeks from the end of 2015, I would write this blog on all my blogs and give you the opportunity to catch up on my blogs from this year (in case you have missed any or just wanting to re-read them) and/or open up for discussion with you, any points on any of these articles that you may want to discuss. (Note – some blogs I can’t share due to some of my clients asking that I do not disclose that I’ve written their blogs).

With over 60 articles written across various websites, LinkedIn and Medium this year alone, I am sure there are some that you will find interesting, disagree with and want to discuss/debate further.

I’m sure that many more will appear before 2015 ends, but in the meantime, I hope you have enjoyed my blogs this year and you’ll continue to read my articles and blogs in 2016 as well as sharing them with your audience too.

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Guest blog – Highlighting the next generation of Aspiring Writers – Fia Essen

As part of a new series to help aspiring writers, I have created a section to help new, up & coming and aspiring writers to get seen, help them, start promoting them and to help them get seen by a much wider audience.

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Guest Post by Fia Essen

I had a somewhat unusual childhood. I grew up surrounded by horses around the clock. Literally. I couldn’t bear to be away from my beloved horse, Stradivarius. So my father talked the owner of the riding club into building an apartment for us on the second floor of the stable, directly above Stradivarius’ box. I believe it’s safe to say that no other father has done that for his daughter.

When I wasn’t on horseback, I had my nose in a book. I didn’t read books, I lived them. The characters in the novels I read became my best friends. I suppose it was inevitable that I would one day start creating my own. But back then I never thought I would become an author.

Moving from Singapore to Crete is what made me pick up a pen and start writing. Not only did I find myself adjusting to living in a different country, I was inundated by an entirely different culture, too. After nearly two decades of being an expatriate in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, Europe was utterly alien and downright esoteric to me. Writing helped me process the experience.

I had visited the Greek islands as a tourist before my family and I packed up our life in Singapore and headed to Crete, which is the largest of the Greek islands. Like most tourists, I took the romanticized and perfectly idyllic version of the Mediterranean home with me in my mind when my vacation ended. The reality of life on a Greek island came as a huge culture shock. Singapore and Crete are both islands but that is where their similarities begin and end. One is a bustling metropolis of the highest modern mode. The other often operates on medieval morals… Crete has one foot firmly and proudly planted in its illustrious past and history while the other foot tentatively treads on present ground.

I now live in Athens with my parents and my Yorkshire terrier and I’m currently working on Amanda, which is my third novel. My first two novels, Ariel and Anna, are both contracted to Solstice Publishing. I call my books Chick Lit with an international twist. Ariel is a lifelong expat who has worked and lived all over the globe but now she’s stuck in a rut in Singapore. Anna hops on a plane to Greece in a moment of uncharacteristic spontaneity, leaving her life in New York behind. Amanda leaves Boston for France while she’s grappling with a personal crisis.

Even though I call my books Chick Lit I’ve received several positive reviews from men who have read Ariel and Anna. Both books deal with the issues of finding the courage to discover what you want from life and how to handle unexpected changes. And I think that appeals to both men and women, younger and older people.

Writing is my job and I work hard to create stories that I hope people will enjoy. I’m in it for the long haul. My aim is to write two new manuscripts each year. The beauty of writing is that there’s no age limit, it’s not something you’ll ever grow too old for.

Both Ariel and Anna are available on Amazon: http://author.to/fia and you can contact me through my website: http://www.fiaessen.com


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