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Throughout our lives, people enter our lives and becomes friends and colleagues. Yet, occasionally some people actually without trying or wanting to, make an impact on your life. Either at that moment or period in time or long lasting – these people are YOUR INFLUENCER’S……

Thus, I thought I would share with you my list of people who:-

  • Are always there for me
  • Are a sounding board
  • Collaborate with myself
  • Help me to formulate and discuss ideas and projects
  • Influence myself
  • Inspire me
  • Promote myself to others
  • Refer me to other people

So, I decided after writing a blog back in 2013, a few people asked who these people really were and why I had considered them to be Influential. Hence, I decided to produce this section on my website.

As a result, you will find in this section, an overview as to how and why I consider people to be my Influencers as well a page showing the lists I have produced since 2013.

So, for me, my list of influencers will no doubt keep growing as people I discover and engage with expands; and should I think they will be like this in a wider circle, I will then add them to my list….


For further information, on myself Ian Calvert or to contact me directly, please click here, or simply complete the form below to raise any points……

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