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I thought I would give you a page where you can see all the blogs I have written this year. There will be some blogs that I will have written this year that won’t be listed and the reason for this, is that will have been wrote for other people or companies who do not wish to disclose I have written these articles/blogs for them.

So, as a way to help you easily see what I have written, I have put together this page so you are able to see all my writings and then feel free to comment on them. The oldest writings are at the bottom and the newest at the top.

If you wish to see all my articles/blogs in one location, they are all listed here or just want to learn more about my writing’s, please visit “Read – The Story”.

Also, if you wish to contact myself directly about them or would like me to contribute an article to your site or platform, please complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Many thanks

Ian Calvert


 2014 – December

2014-12-02 – LinkedIn Author’s Page  – Why BT Should Buy Both EE and o2?

2014 – October

2014-10-31 – LinkedIn Author’s Page  – Is The Tide Turning With The Big Boys Going Back To The Start?

2014-10-27 – Ian M Calvert  – Is blogging or video something passing you by?

2014-10-25 – LinkedIn Author’s Page  – Wearable Technology Is The Future Are You Planning?

2014-10-15 – exploreb2b – Who Are The European Influential Tech Bloggers?

2014-10-08 – LinkedIn Author’s Page  – Are You Dartboard Bull’s Eye Red or an Archery Yellow??

2014-10-07 – LinkedIn Author’s Page  – Companies Having Too Many Staff – Is this Positive??

2014 – September

2014-09-20 – LinkedIn Author’s Page  – Path and Signature….

2014-09-19 – exploreb2b – Do You Have Some Spare Time and Looking for Like Minded People?

2014-09-19 – LinkedIn Author’s Page  – Will the Scottish No Vote Lead to a Shake Up in Business?

2014-09-16 – exploreb2b – Are You Just Ticking Along or Future Building???

2014-09-15 – LinkedIn Author’s Page  – Outsourcing Passing the Buck or the Smart Way Forward?

2014-09-10 – LinkedIn Author’s Page  – Apple Has Really Opened up the Business Market…

2014-09-08 – LinkedIn Author’s Page  – Is IoT Part of  Your Business Model?

2014-09-04 – LinkedIn Author’s Page  – Can or is Business Able to Change the Health Sector Industry?

2014 – August

2014-08-20 – LinkedIn Author’s Page  – Is One Job Enough?

2014 – July

2014-07-18 – LinkedIn Author’s Page  – Are You Cloud Based and a Digital Partner?

2014-07-09 – exploreb2b – Are Journalists Going To Be a Dying Breed?

2014 – June

2014-06-30 – LinkedIn Author’s Page  – How or Why Journalists Can Kill Products and Businesses

2014-06-27 – LinkedIn Author’s Page  – Are Communities the New Networking?

2014-06-24 – LinkedIn Author’s Page  –

2014-06-21 – LinkedIn Author’s Page  – Can-We Promote Ourselves and Get Good PR?

2014-06-18 – Ian M Calvert  – Do Guru’s and Companies value you OR just your money?

2014-06-17 – LinkedIn Author’s Page  – Nominate Klout As Not Performing Instead?

2014-06-11 – LinkedIn Author’s Page  – Is Finance and the CFO Embracing the GenerationY Ethos?

2014-06-09 – exploreb2b – Could finance be first real mover to GenerationY ethos?

2014-06-08 – LinkedIn Author’s Page  – Are you part of Social Business or still stuck in the past with Social Media

2014-06-05 – LinkedIn Author’s Page  – Are you really using them?

2014-06-01 – LinkedIn Author’s Page – 42% of the year gone but where is LinkedIn and yourself thanks to your Competitors and Distractors?

2014 – May

2014-05-30 – Ian M Calvert  – Are you aware of what is going on with your Little Black Book?

2014-05-28 – Service Address – Are you still marketing? Where is your engagement?

2014-05-27 – LinkedIn Author’s Page  – Are the big companies ignoring smaller companies?

2014-05-22 – Cynthia Live – They came they saw buuuuttttt what did you do

2014-05-21 – LinkedIn Author’s Page – Are Apple to blame for their own downfalls?

2014-05-21 – exploreb2b – Customer Service – Stop, here is a replacement…..

2014-05-20 – LinkedIn Author’s Page – Do you look further than just a referral/recommendation?

2014-05-03 – LinkedIn Author’s Page – Who is an Expert?

2014 – April

2014-04-29 – LinkedIn Author’s Page – Are you really using an Influencer or an Expert?

2014-04-28 – exploreb2b – Are you staying inside your box or learning outside the box?

2014-04-28 – Service Address – Are you staying inside your box or learning outside the box?

2014-04-25 – exploreb2b – Is it time that C-Suite started to listen?

2014-04-22 – LinkedIn Author’s Page – Why do I need a Company Page well why do you have a website?

2014-04-22 – Ian M Calvert  – How to make your Digital footprint work for you….

2014-04-22 – exploreb2b – What is your “Digital Footprint” and where does it land?

2014-04-15 – LinkedIn Author’s Page – Is Google to blame for the Glass attacks?

2014-04-14 – exploreb2b – Are you selling or ENGAGING on LinkedIn?

2014-04-14 – LinkedIn Author’s Page – Products and Services why moan this isn’t a selling site is it?

2014-04-07 – Ian M Calvert  – Social Media……Really……I don’t have time for that…..

2012-04-07 – LinkedIn Author’s Page – Is LinkedIn right whilst Klout and Twitter wrong?

2014-04-04 – exploreb2b – Social Media…..Really…..I don’t have time for that…..

2014-04-02 – LinkedIn Author’s Page – Moving from price to knowledge?

2014 – March

2014-03-30 – LinkedIn Author’s Page – What advice is right for you?

2014-03-27 – LinkedIn Author’s Page – Showcase is a hidden gem have you found the gem it is yet?

2014-03-26 – Service Address – Are Big Companies Holding Small Companies back?

2014-03-25 – exploreb2b – Bye Bye to telling your audience about your Products and Services…..

2014-03-25 – LinkedIn Author’s Page – Bye Bye to telling your audience about your products and services…..

2014-03-24 – Ian M Calvert  – Is that my chair or are we HOT on the move?

2014-03-24 – LinkedIn Author’s Page – Cloud myth or just plain annoying and frustrating

2014-03-23- LinkedIn Author’s Page – Is ‘The Cloud’ re-creating Victorian Cottage Industries?

2014-03-21 – LinkedIn Author’s Page – Are You A Collector Or An Engager and Influencer

2014-03-19 – Ian M Calvert  – Avoiding tax and creating Rip Off Britain?

2014-03-17 – Ian M Calvert  – Hey Chancellor – Controversial for you but maybe what the Public wants?

2014-03-17 – Service Address – Are the Government right to be lead by big companies?

2014-03-10 – Service Address – Is #WYOD of the future arriving sooner?

2014-03-07 – Service Address – Is the BBC worthy of us being their audience?

2014-03-07 – Ian M Calvert  – So you are online – but are you? How did you get there?

2014-03-05 – exploreb2b – Who is an Influencer and how do you define them?

2014-03-05 – Ian M Calvert  – Who is an influencer and how do you define them?

2014-03-01 – Ian M Calvert  – Flooding…….is London and the South contributing to part of the problem?

2014 – February

2014-02-26 – Ian M Calvert  – Are you using or playing with LinkedIn?

2014-02-25 – Ian M Calvert  – Getting Engaged and learning from children…..

2014-02-11 – Ian M Calvert  – Is the Cloud really needed?

2014-02-05 – Ian M Calvert  – Who or what are Fund Managers, Traders and Investment Managers?

2014 – January

2014-01-18 – Ian M Calvert  – 2014 – what is inspiring or influential?

2014-01-17 – Service Address – Are you targeting your audience correctly?

2014-01-15 – Service Address – You are here but are you there too and do others know too?

2014-01-14 – Ian M Calvert  – Let your critics and doubters create your 2014…..


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