Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Prior to commencement of providing any services, you are required to read the terms on this and complete the form at the bottom, stating that you agree to these terms, failure to complete and submit the form, will delay any work being undertaken for you or your company.

Information exchange:-

Unless provided verbally in person, any information provided by The Social Piggy (or via any other affiliate to The Designer Piggy, The Directory Piggy, The Farm Manager, The Mobile Piggy and The Social Piggy) which is exchanged via the email domain of @TheSocialPiggy.co.uk – we only use this medium as recorded method’s of communication to undertake work for your company.

Therefore, we operate an environmentally friendly policy of reducing waste and unnecessary use of paper – thus, to enable our company to commit to operating a green and environmentally policy – all paperwork is sent electronically. Should you wish to have a paper version, please print this document carefully and consider whether it is really necessary?

Should your company require a paper copy from our company, we will impose a £5.00 (plus taxes) administration fee to cover the usage of paper, but also make a donation to towards planting trees to replace paper used. If the document printing exceeds 3 pages, then an additional charge of £0.50 per page (plus taxes) will be levied together with the necessary postage charges incurred to send this documentation.

Should you require documents to provided for talks and presentations, these will be produced by yourselves from the electronic templates we submit to you or if produced by ourselves, each document will be produced for a fee of £3.50 plus £0.75 per page (plus taxes).

Payment terms:-

Unless otherwise previously agreed, all work undertaken will requirement in advance prior to commence via cleared funds within our bank accounts.

Credit Terms:-

If credit terms have been agreed, all payments will be settled within seven days of the date of the invoice being produced. Failure to provide payment within seven days, will result in fees being incurred.

Failure to pay:-

Should payment not be received, then the following charges will be applied with NO exception:-

    • Week One:- Follow up email or telephone £10.00 plus taxes
    • Week Two:- Follow up email or telephone £20.00 plus taxes
    • Week Three:- Follow up email or telephone £40.00 plus taxes
    • Week Four:- Follow up email or telephone £50.00 plus taxes
    • Week Five:- Transfer to outside Debt Collection Agency £395.00 plus taxes

Payment Methods:-

All payments are to be made via Bank Transfer as per the Bank Details on your invoice. Failure to pay by Bank Transfer will result in:-

  • An administration fee of £10.00 plus taxes will be charged for any other payment method besides Bank Transfer
  • No work will be undertaken until the above payment and all invoices paid and cleared within our account
  • No work will be undertaken until 72 hours after all payments have shown as cleared funds within our bank account
  • Should your payment be re-called or your cheque bounces, you will be immediately taken to Week Three on the schedule above in the “Failure To Pay” section
  • No work will be undertaken until the above item has been settled too

For Additional Services that are available and should these other services be provided, please click on the links below:-

Provision of Company Examination and Review Services

Provision of Directory Services

Provision of Design and Planning Services

Provision of Internet Access Services

Provision of Marketing Numbering Services

Provision of Mobile Marketing Services

Provision of Social Media Review

Provision of Social Media Strategic Planning Review

Provision of Speaking and Engagement Services

Provision of Telephone Services


Dated 1st January 2014

Following reading these terms, as stated at the top of this page, no work will be undertaken until you complete the form below stating that you agree all to all terms on this page. Should this form not be received, no work will be undertaken.

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