Why….. To be or not to – is that not the question?……….

So, why I have done this?

Simple – the internet, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, Social Media, the list goes on and on and has Mulder says in The X-Files – the truth is out there…..

In today’s fast moving pace of life, people say things, gossip is spread and then you have to put your life in view of other’s having to defend or promote yourself.

After all, your life is based on trust and creditably and this can be ruined faster than it was grown and built. This was hammered home to myself over several periods of my life and more recently in 2006 and again in 2011 and this year in 2012.

So, when helping people or if people, I give them a quick overview of what I have done, so, I have decided to do what I preach, here on this site, I am being completely honest and open ( I may have got some dates slightly wrong but I am sure the years are more correct than the month’s) – so, hear it from the horse’s mouth directly and not via gossip from other’s……

Yes, I can be very open, honest and very direct but why not? Think back to being at school, teacher’s told you things as this was what they did, they gave you information and if you lied, you were told off and punished. Yet, when we leave school, people can be vicious and jealous which can destroy you very quickly but you try to repair things? It is very difficult and can be virtually near impossible!

Thus, say what you like and spread what gossip you want too, but I am being open and honest and this site is here to provide the my life in my words and yes my spelling or Grammar maybe in-correct, but why be false? Spelling and Grammar is something I can struggle with, but at least I admit this and you can see it – at least you know it is all my own work…..

So, this site was started back as an idea in 2010 and 2011 but I actually started it in 2012 and will be constantly updated and pages will also be updated or added too, so feel free to keep popping back and viewing what has happened here….

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